Red State, Blue State

If you really listen, we sound like two different countries: Red America and Blue America. Then again, most of us are NOT listening. Heading into the midterms KCRW and WVPB are teaming up to try to change that. “Red State, Blue State” is a weekly conversation between Californians and West Virginians about the issues that divide us.

Chery Glaser Host/Kcrw Staff

Morning Anchor, host, producer

Chery Glaser has spent more than 20 years as a radio host, reporter, and producer—including ten years at Marketplace, public radio’s business and finance program.  She’s covered stories from the Northridge Earthquake and Hurricane Katrina to the chocolate business. Chery’s been named best local radio anchor by the LA Press Club and by the Alliance for Women in Media’s Gracie Awards.  

Photo by Mark Leibowitz

Trey Kay Host/Kcrw Staff
Trey Kay

Host of the Us & Them podcast

Trey Kay is creator of the Us & Them podcast. (West Virginia Public Broadcasting & PRX) In 2009, he and Deborah George produced the radio documentary “The Great Textbook War,” which was honored with Peabody, Murrow, and duPont-Columbia Awards. He’s produced for This American Life, The New Yorker Radio Hour, Studio 360, Marketplace, American RadioWorks, Morning Edition, Inside Appalachia and PBS Frontline.