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Best-selling author Ben Mezrich is hardly a favorite with critics, but what does he care? His books frequently get movie deals. Mezrich’s new book Seven Wonders, is no exception, and in this case, he had a deal with Fox before he even started writing the thriller about an adventuring archeologist. Then, learn why longtime independent film producer Ted Hope takes partial credit for Guardians of the Galaxy, even though he had nothing to do with the movie.

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Hollywood News Banter 6 MIN, 5 SEC

Kim Masters is joined by Matt Belloni, Executive Editor of The Hollywood Reporter to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

- Former Warner Bros film chief Jeff Robinov gets funding from China for Studio 8
- Adam Fogelson, formerly of Universal Pictures, will run producer Robert Simonds’ studio
- Russia is not a fan of the way Russians are portrayed in American movies

Matthew Belloni, Hollywood Reporter (@THRMattBelloni)

Jeff Robinov Unveils Sony Plans: "Visually Unique" Films, China Co-Productions
Adam Fogelson to Head Film Group at Robert Simonds' New Studio
Russia Mulls Boycott of Hollywood Movies Amid U.S. Sanctions, Negative Portrayals

“Seven Wonders” 16 MIN, 39 SEC

Author Ben Mezrich’s hometown paper, The Boston Globe, wasn’t kind to his latest adventure novel, Seven Wonders, calling it out as sexist, cliched and lacking in charm. But Mezrich can live with bad reviews--he’s always written stories with Hollywood in mind, and he’s had a lot of success getting his books made into movies.

His book Bringing Down the House, about MIT students trained to count cards, became the movie 21, starring Kevin Spacey.

In 2009 Mezrich published The Accidental Billionaires, which director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin turned into The Social Network.

Mezrich’s ostensibly nonfiction books have been met with allegations that he took far too many liberties with the truth. But he won’t need to worry about that kind of controversy with his new novel, Seven Wonders. The book about an adventuring archaeologist is pure fiction--Indiana Jones meets The Da Vinci Code.

And this time, Mezrich also doesn’t have to wonder if his book will be optioned for a movie because a deal was in place from the start. In fact, Mezrich got the idea for the story from his friend, producer and director Brett Ratner, who set up a possible movie at Fox before Mezrich even started writing.

Ben Mezrich, Author, 'Seven Wonders' (@benmezrich)

Seven Wonders
The Boston Globe's Book Review on "Seven Wonders"

Seven Wonders

Ben Mezrich

“Hope for Film” 5 MIN, 10 SEC

Ted Hope

Ted Hope is the veteran producer of much-loved independent films as diverse as The Ice Storm, American Splendor, and 21 Grams. A true lover of independent film, Hope shares tales from his career in his new book, Hope for Film.

As he recounts in his book, Hope was an early champion of auteur filmmakers like Ang Lee and Nicole Holofcener.

He also worked with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn on the 2010 movie Super, starring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page as wannabe superheroes.

These days Hope is marrying his love of independent film with new technology as CEO of Fandor--a streaming service for independent movies that gives part of its subscriptions fee back to filmmakers.

Ted Hope, Fandor (@TedHope)

Hope For Film

Hope for Film

Ted Hope


Kim Masters

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