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Louis C.K.’s unannounced appearance at a New York comedy club last month--less than a year after he faced revelations of sexual misconduct--got comedian Laurie Kilmartin thinking: should there be some kind of a 12-step program for men seeking redemption in the era on #MeToo? Kilmartin, who’s also a writer for ‘Conan,’ talks about the challenges still facing women in stand-up and her book ‘Dead People Suck: A Guide for Survivors of the Newly Departed.’

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  • That new best popular film category proved to be pretty unpopular. The Academy is putting its new category on hold indefinitely.
  • The funny thing is, there may actually be some “popular” films up for best picture this year, with or without the help of the Academy. ‘Black Panther’ was already a massive box-office success and is considered a best picture contender, and ‘First Man’ and ‘A Star is Born’ have gotten strong reviews from festivals and will likely draw big crowds. This is coming off a strong summer box office.
  • Also a surprise big hit this summer? Documentaries.


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Comedian Laurie Kilmartin on #TimesUp in comedy and ‘Dead People Suck’ 21 MIN, 9 SEC

Comedian Laurie Kilmartin has been performing stand-up for more than 30 years, and has been a writer for ‘Conan’ since 2010.

Last year, after the New York Times revealed Louis C.K.’s history of sexual misconduct, Kilmartin wrote an op-ed for the Times titled ‘Being a Female Comic in Louis C.K.’s World.’

So when C.K. did an unannounced set at a New York comedy club last month, Kilmartin had some thoughts.

She tells us about what a path to redemption in the age of Time’s Up might look like for C.K., and why his surprise appearance probably isn’t it. She also tells us about the challenges to female comics that still exist in 2018.

Kilmartin also talks to us about incorporating a very personal subject--the death of her father--into her comedy.

Her father went into home hospice in 2014, and while visiting him, Kilmartin started live-tweeting his about final days with a hearty dose of gallows humor and compassion. Kilmartin’s dad ultimately passed away from lung cancer. As she grappled with his loss, she started workshopping some material on stage. That evolved into a stand-up special taped in late 2016 called 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad.

Eventually, Kilmartin put some of the lessons she had learned into a book called ‘Dead People Suck’ that was published earlier this year. Kilmartin shares with us some of the stories from her book, including the experience of watching the Oscars with her father’s corpse, and why companies should offer “morternity” leave when an employee’s parent dies.

Laurie Kilmartin, Comedian, Writer

Dead People Suck

Laurie Kilmartin


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