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Cristela Alonzo is the first Latina to create and star in her own sitcom. ABC's Cristela was based the comedian's own life as the daughter of an impoverished single mother in small-town Texas. Getting her show on the air was a dream come true. Getting canceled after a year was crushing. Alonzo comes back on the show to take us through her roller coaster of a year in television.

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Hollywood News Banter 7 MIN, 14 SEC

Matt Belloni, executive editor of The Hollywood Reporter joins Kim Masters to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

    • Billionaire cable mogul John Malone is back on the scene in a big way, merging his Charter Communications with Time Warner Cable and now looking to possibly orchestrate other media consolidations as well.
    • The Toronto Film Festival is rolling back a rule they instituted last year barring films that played at Telluride from also showing at Toronto. Now films can play at both, but there are still restrictions in Toronto if a film does show at the much smaller, but critic-filled Telluride Festival.
    • Cameron Crowe apologizes for what many are calling a questionable casting choice in his newest film, Aloha. Emma Stone plays a woman who is supposed to be a quarter Chinese and a quarter native Hawaiian. The issue of diversity and casting is likely to come up again with the upcoming movie Pan, in which Rooney Mara plays Tiger Lily, a Native American character.
Cristela Alonzo on Life after 'Cristela' 20 MIN, 24 SEC

Last fall, comedian Cristela Alonzo joined us to talk about how she beat the odds to become the first Latina to create and star in her own sitcom. Her show Cristela was part of ABC's much touted push for diversity this past season, along with comedies Blackish and Fresh Off the Boat.

ABC scheduled Cristela in a tough Friday night time slot, and though the show's ratings weren't huge, it still attracted loyal viewers. Alonzo connected with many of them through social media. Fans were supportive, but also frustrated to find the show was frequently preempted on local affiliates for other television events.

In May, she got the unwelcome news that her show had been canceled. The news was especially tough because Alonzo says the cast and crew were expecting to be picked up for a second season. She chronicled the mix of emotions she felt following her cancelation in a heartfelt blog post.

As she writes in her blog, while Cristela was on the air, Alonzo was concerned that the network wasn't doing enough to promote it. Other new ABC shows got commercials and billboards. She got bus benches. So Alonzo took on the job of promoting the show herself. She says that's why she agreed to appear as a fill-in host on ABC's talk show, The View.

The View gave Alonzo a platform to display her comedy chops and talk about her show, but she says she never considered joining The View full time. "I loved doing Cristela," Alonzo told us. "My heart and soul was in that show. My heart and soul isn't in The View."

Cristela Alonzo, stand-up comedian, actress, writer and producer (@cristela9)


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