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Writer and actor Julie Klausner's not afraid to speak her mind on Twitter, or now, on her Hulu series Difficult People. She tells us how she went from a job recapping Real Housewives episodes to writing and starring in her own show. She also shares memories of working with the inimitable Joan Rivers and how her approach to social media has changed now that she has a much larger audience.

Photo: Julie Klausner, creator and star of Difficult People. Courtesy of Hulu

Hollywood News Banter 7 MIN, 2 SEC

Matt Belloni, executive editor of the Hollywood Reporter joins Kim Masters to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

  • Amidst increased pressure in the television industry, two production studios saw major departures recently. Bela Bajaria is out at Universal TV after five years and Steve Mosko is out at Sony Television after nearly 24 years. Bajaria oversaw several popular comedies, but none of them ran on NBC. This is a problem in an age where networks want and need to own their own shows. As for Mosko, the Sony hack revealed internal strike and that he had long felt under-appreciated at the studio, especially as his TV division thrived while the film side floundered. 
  • For years, studios could count on sequels to make bank, but that trend may be fading. Neighbors 2 under-performed and Alice through the Looking Glass is turning into an expensive flop for Disney.

Matthew Belloni, Hollywood Reporter (@THRMattBelloni)

Julie Klausner: Difficult People 20 MIN, 32 SEC

In the Hulu series Difficult People, Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner play Julie Kessler and Billy Epstein, best friends and struggling, snarky New York comedians with a tendency to blurt out whatever they're thinking. Their outbursts frequently get them in trouble with everyone around them, but only strengthen their own bond.

Klausner, who created the show, is not exactly playing herself, but she can certainly draw on her experience as a comedian in New York. She started out taking classes offered by the Upright Citizen's Brigade in the late 90's, just as key members the improv troupe moved from Chicago to Manhattan, including Amy Poehler, who serves as the show's executive producer.

Klausner has done all kinds of comedic writing and performing -- books, television, podcasts and even recaps of Bravo reality shows for Vulture.

She tells us how her experience as a recapper worked its way into her character on the show, and why television is the perfect medium to portray deep friendships, rather than traditional love stories. She also addresses her complicated relationship with social media and what she learned from a Twitter spat that gained a lot of attention several months ago.

Season 2 of Difficult People premieres on Hulu on July 12.

Julie Klausner, comedian, writer, actor, producer (@julieklausner)


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