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Louis C.K.’s latest project -- available online only -- is Horace and Pete, a dramatic series set in a Brooklyn bar. The cast includes Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco and Alan Alda. Even though C.K. spent his own money to make the show, you haven’t seen a single ad for it, which was part of the experiment. He tells us about testing himself and the TV network system as a whole with Horace and Pete.

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Hollywood News Banter 5 MIN, 34 SEC

Matt Belloni, executive editor of the Hollywood Reporter joins Kim Masters to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

  • Disney stock is down after the company missed second quarter earning expectations. While the film side is doing great, investors are worried about the future of ESPN. The lack of a successor for Bob Iger is also cause for concern.
  • The Sumner Redstone drama drags on. Just as one court case was dismissed, Redstone’s former companion Manuela Herzer filed another lawsuit, this time for $100 million against Redstone’s daughter Shari Redstone. 
  • Woody Allen is the hot topic at Cannes, but not necessarily for his movie “Cafe Society.” After his son Ronan Farrow wrote an essay for The Hollywood Reporter criticizing the media for not asking tough questions of the director, THR staff members were banned from a luncheon set up to celebrate the film.

Matthew Belloni, Hollywood Reporter (@THRMattBelloni)

Louis C.K.: Horace and Pete 21 MIN, 54 SEC

Louis C.K. has won Emmys for his FX show Louie as well as a stand-up special. He’s also been a pioneer online. He's sold tickets to his shows directly to fans and he released a 2011 stand-up special on his website for $5 a download, prompting other comedians to do the same.

Now he’s taken that approach to the next level with Horace and Pete. C.K. wrote, produced, directed and acted in the web series about a troubled family that runs a struggling Brooklyn bar.

The characters of Horace and Pete are played by C.K. and Steve Buscemi. They run the 100-year-old bar with an older relative -- also named Pete, played by Alan Alda.

Horace and Pete also stars Edie Falco and features a supporting cast that includes Jessica Lange, Steven Wright and SNL’s Aidy Bryant.

All 10 episodes were funded entirely by C.K. and Horace and Pete is available only on his website -- for now.

C.K. tells us why he’s trying to avoid the internet generally, even though that’s where his new show lives, how he made Horace and Pete so quickly and why he felt alright about taking out a line of credit to pay for it.

Louis C.K., comedian, writer and producer

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