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Radius, the boutique label of The Weinstein Company, is known for their multi-platform distribution strategy. We look at two Radius films from this summer, Snowpiercer, and The One I Love. The co-president of Radius Tom Quinn tells us why Snowpiercer went to VOD very quickly after a small theatrical release, and Charlie McDowell and Mark Duplass say putting their movie The One I Love on VOD first helped build a fan base that would thoughtfully market the mysterious indie for them.

Images courtesy Radius-TWC.

Hollywood News Banter 6 MIN, 20 SEC

Michael Schneider of TV Guide Magazine is joined by Matt Belloni, Executive Editor of The Hollywood Reporter to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

- As the Emmys near and excitement builds, there’s also grumbling about the anticipated traffic problems of holding the event in downtown Los Angeles on Monday at rush-hour. Plus, people are still rightfully confused about shows being nominated in categories where they don’t belong.
- AMC struck gold with TV shows like ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Breaking Bad.’ But now, the network is facing a bare cupboard.
- The NFL wants bands to pay for the privilege of performing at the Superbowl, the most-watched television event of the year.

Matthew Belloni, Hollywood Reporter (@THRMattBelloni)

Emmys 'Nightmare': Limo Arrivals Downsized, Carpools Encouraged
Emmy categories fail to measure TV’s welcome complexity
AMC Backlash: Budget Squeezing, Producer "Bake-Offs" and Post-'Breaking Bad' Challenges
NFL to Coldplay: Pay to Play the Super Bowl

Radius’ Tom Quinn on ‘Snowpiercer’ 11 MIN, 43 SEC

The dystopian thriller Snowpiercer has a respected director, a recognizable cast and critical acclaim. But on its opening weekend in June, it only played at eight theaters. Just two weeks later, Snowpiercer was available on VOD. With all the hype, many wondered why the film didn’t stay exclusively in theaters longer.

Radius, the boutique label of The Weinstein Company, is the distributor behind this multi-platform release plan. Kim Masters spoke to Tom Quinn, the co-president of Radius, about the economics of VOD and whether or not he left money on the table with his strategy for Snowpiercer.

Tom Quinn, Radius-TWC (@aloompanix)

Radius Co-Chiefs on VOD Strategy, 'Snowpiercer's' Critics and Toronto (Q&A)

Charlie McDowell and Mark Duplass on ‘The One I Love’ 9 MIN, 30 SEC

Another Radius film, The One I Love, also has a non-traditional distribution plan. This sort-of-romantic, sort-of-mysterious indie went a route that’s known as ultra-VOD, meaning the film was available on demand for several weeks before opening in theaters.

Guest host Michael Schneider of TV Guide Magazine spoke to the film’s director Charlie McDowell and star and executive producer Mark Duplass about why they opted to have The One I Love available for purchase or rental before hitting the big screens. In this case, McDowell and Duplass say quietly building a fan base through VOD has helped generate buzz for the theatrical release.

But for this particular film, this multi-platform release plan requires a lot of trust in fans and critics. The One I Love has a plot twist the filmmakers would love to keep under wraps, especially for potential theatergoers. So far, people who’ve purchased the film early have done an impressive job of keeping spoilers off the internet. McDowell and Duplass hope that pattern will hold, at least for a little bit longer.

Charlie McDowell, director (@charliemcdowell)
Mark Duplass, actor, writer and showrunner of 'Togetherness' (@MarkDuplass)

Filmmakers and Fans Plot to Keep Big Twists a Secret


Michael Schneider

Kaitlin Parker

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