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We’re revisiting a conversation with writer, producer and ardent feminist Sarah Gertrude Shapiro. When she was starting out working in television, she found herself almost conscripted to work as a producer on The Bachelor. Problematic as the show is to her ideals, she does understand the appeal. Shapiro tells us how she mined her ambivalence about that experience to create the Lifetime series, UnREAL, a dramedy set behind the scenes of a reality show. Plus, an all new Hollywood news banter.

Photo: Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, co-creator of UnREAL, courtesy of Lifetime

Hollywood News Banter 7 MIN, 34 SEC

Matt Belloni, executive editor of The Hollywood Reporter joins Kim Masters to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

  • It’s a battle of Tarzan vs. The BFG vs. The Purge at the box office this holiday weekend.
  • Warner Bros The Legend of Tarzan has been plagued with expensive problems from conception to execution, and it’s unlikely audience will respond to the potentially dated-feeling story in the way the struggling studio needs.
  • Jason Blum’s horror film The Purge: Election Year, on the other hand, was made for only $10 million and could make more than triple that this weekend--a winning formula for Universal.

Matthew Belloni, Hollywood Reporter (@THRMattBelloni)

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro on “UnREAL” 19 MIN, 50 SEC

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro didn’t set out to be a producer on The Bachelor. She wanted to be a filmmaker, but to pay the bills, she went to work on another reality show that was not quite so offensive to her feminist ideals. Then the production company reassigned her and she learned all about the behind-the-scenes manipulation that pumps drama into a so-called unscripted series like The Bachelor.

Under contract but desperate to get out, Shapiro says she finally made her escape by promising that wouldn’t work for a competing show and would even leave the state of California. She moved to Oregon and went to work for an ad agency.

Meanwhile, Shapiro used her experiences to concoct UnREAL, a scripted series on Lifetime, now in its second season. Set behind the scenes of a reality show called “Everlasting,” the fictional show involves a suitor--as opposed to a bachelor--who must chose from a flock of aspiring, unwitting and otherwise damaged young women.


Shapiro says UnREAL is an exaggerated version of her own experience, but not by much.

The series first got its start with Sequin Raze-- a short film Shapiro wrote and directed through the AFI Women’s Directing Workshop after she walked away from producing on The Bachelor.

Both the short film and the TV series UnREAL focus in part on the mutually manipulative relationship between producer and contestant. There are funny moments, but also a lot of darkness. While an Lifetime may not seem like the first choice for such an edgy series, Shapiro says she and fellow showrunner Marti Noxon have felt welcomed and at home there since day one. Last year, the series made The AFI Top Ten TV list and also won a Peabody.

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, Filmmaker and television writer (@GertShap)

Watch “UnREAL” on Lifetime.com
Watch the short film 'Sequin Raze' via Film School Shorts


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