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We discuss the big changes in late night TV, the value of live sports -- namely the NFL and the Olympics, and how changes in the TV business have changed the way we think about 'bubble' shows, the series teetering on the edge of renewal or cancellation. 

Big Changes in Late Night

As Jay Leno leaves The Tonight Show the whole chess board in late night is shifting. Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers will take on new shows, but these days with competition from The Daily Show, The Colbert Report -- not to mention, competition from your DVR -- do the broadcast late night shows matter as much as they once did? 

The Olympics and NFL

Once again the Super Bowl did huge ratings numbers. Not surprising as the NFL seems to be the only sure thing on TV these days. Now CBS has lined up a deal to share the broadcast of the NFL Thursday night games with CBS, hoping to get a piece of the live sports pie. This month we'll see if the big dollars NBC spent to get the Olympics will prove worth it. 

Bubble Shows

Traditionally, this is the time of years when shows with middling ratings will be considered teetering on the bubble between cancellation and renewal. But these days the definition of the bubble show has changed. It's the era when ratings are influenced by DVR delayed viewing and networks are willing to hold onto shows that may get few viewers but hit a key demo.

End of Show Story 'Downloads'

Joe: Why has MSNBC become the "Chris Christie Crisis Network?!"

AJ: Fresh off of Real Screen -- the annual reality TV confab in DC -- AJ raises concerns about the "suffocation" of reality TV producers with cable networks tying-up the rights to their formats. 

Mike: RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman. Mike says his Showtime series Happyish looked like a winner when a clip of the pilot screened for press at the TV critics' winter press tour a few weeks ago.

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