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Some of America's most prestigious institutions of higher education are on an embarrassing list released today by the Department of Education. They're under investigation for the way they've handled complaints of sexual abuse on campus. We hear how a group of victims has come out of the shadows to reach the White House and Capitol Hill. Also, riot police break up Turkeys May Day protests, criminal charges may be brought against two big banks, but corporations are almost immune from real punishment.

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Riot Police Break Up Turkey's May Day Protests 7 MIN, 29 SEC

May Day in Istanbul, a city of 14 million people almost shut down today. Thousands of protesters were met with water canons and tear gas, but there was celebration mixed with the protest. Daniel Dombey is correspondent in Turkey for the Financial Times.

Daniel Dombey, Financial Times (@Danieldombey)

Sex Crimes on Campus Are Going Public 36 MIN, 18 SEC

Harvard, Ohio State and 53 other colleges and universities — including Catholic University in Washington, DC — are under suspicion of mishandling complaints of sexual assault on campus. Today's release of an embarrassing list by the Department of Education follows Vice President Biden's warning that universities "face the facts." It demonstrates that a subject too tough for prior generations to talk about is now hot-button politics. Today's disclosures are part of an on-going movement. We trace its progress and see what might be next.


Jennifer Steinhauer, New York Times (@jestei)
Julia Dixon, University of Akron graduate
Alexandra Brodsky, Know Your IX (@azbrodsky)
Scott Lewis, National Center for Higher Education Risk Management (@TheNCHERMGroup)
Ben Murrie, Catharsis Productions (@CATHARSISProduc )

Catharsis Productions' 'Sex Signals'
Clery complaint
DOJ Office on Violence against Women
Know Your IX
National Center for Higher Education Risk Management's online training on reporting campus sexual misconduct
Not Alone: Together against Sexual Assault
Pentagon's annual report on sexual assault
Steinhauer on tackling the problem of campus sexual assaults
US Department of Ed investigation into campus sexual assault
White House task force report on protecting students from sexual assault

Why Are Big Companies Rarely Ever Punished? 7 MIN, 5 SEC

This week, it's been reported that federal prosecutors are about to file criminal charges against two of the world's biggest banks.  But that threat may sound more dramatic in headlines than it will turn out to be in reality. Big corporations are rarely, if ever, punished, and criminal charges against big banks may not be what they seem. That's the conclusion of Jesse Eisinger, senior reporter for Pro Publica, whose story on corporate impunity appears in Sunday's New York Times Magazine.

Jesse Eisinger, ProPublica (@eisingerj)

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