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At campuses around the country, student activists are protesting what they call systemic racism. One university president has been forced to resign. On other campuses, administrators are struggling over how to respond when protesters disregard other people's right to free speech. 

Later on the program we talk with biographer Jon Meacham about nine years of personal interviews with George H.W. Bush.

Photo: African-American football players at the University of Missouri say they won't play until university president Tim Wolfe steps down.

The Sinjar Offensive to Re-Take ISIS Territory in Iraq 6 MIN, 29 SEC

Last August, the world watched in horror as Mt. Sinjar, in northern Iraq, became the scene of some of the worst atrocities of ISIS, the Islamic State. It has murdered, raped and enslaved an entire town of Yazidi people, who practice a different form of Islam. Today, backed by US airstrikes, Kurdish Peshmerga forces began an effort to take back the town. BuzzFeed correspondent Mike Giglio, who joins us from a Peshmerga base near Sinjar, has more on the offensive.

Mike Giglio, BuzzFeed (@mike_giglio)

New Campus Activism Strikes Many Nerves 32 MIN, 38 SEC

In the 1960's, non-violent student protesters required an entire semester to force UC Berkeley to guarantee free speech on campus. This week, at the University of Missouri, it took just 48 hours for a strike by the football team to force the president's resignation. Around the country, there's new round of campus activism aimed at systemic racism that black students say makes their lives intolerable. But critics say some protesters won't tolerate the opinions of others — compromising that right to free speech won 50 years ago.

Jason A. Johnson, Morgan State University / TheRoot.com (@drjasonjohnson)
Lee D. Baker, Duke University
Conor Friedersdorf, Atlantic magazine (@conor64)
Robert Cohen, New York University

Concerned student 1950
Friedersdorf on marginalized groups and free speech
Friedersdorf on campus activists weaponizing 'safe space'
Cohen's 'Freedom's Orator: Mario Savio and the Radical Legacy of the 1960's'

Jon Meacham on the Destiny and Power of H.W. Bush 10 MIN, 42 SEC

Nine years of personal interviews with America's 41st President have produced 900-pages of sometimes intimate revelations about George H. W. Bush. The 41st president is the subject of the new book Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush. The author is former Newsweek editor and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jon Meacham, now an executive editor at Random House.

Jon Meacham, Random House (@jmeacham)

Destiny and Power

Jon Meacham

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