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There's been a guilty plea in the first case under new rules for military commissions at Guantánamo Bay.  Was it a kangaroo court or a fair hearing that will help legitimize US treatment of suspects in the war on terror?  What about the future of Guantánamo Bay?  Also, the US Navy has begun its largest demonstration of force in the Gulf since the Iraq invasion and, on Reporter's Notebook, an aide to Virginia's Democratic Senator Jim Webb charged with bringing a loaded gun into a Senate office building.

Making News Iran Downplays British Soldiers' Arrest, US War Games 6 MIN, 8 SEC

In the Persian Gulf, the US Navy has begun its largest demonstration of force in the Gulf since the Iraq invasion.  The massive maneuvers come just four days after Iran's capture of British Marines and sailors in disputed waters. British officials in Iran have not been allowed to see the 14 men and one woman. Prime Minister Tony Blair is demanding their immediate releaseAngus McDowall is Tehran Correspondent for the Independent in Britain.

Angus McDowall, Tehran Correspondent for the Independent

Main Topic David Hicks Enters Surprise Guilty Plea at Guantanamo Bay 34 MIN, 5 SEC

In December, 2001, David Hicks was captured while attempting to flee Afghanistan in a taxi. A month later, the Australian citizen became one of the first prisoners held at Guantánamo Bay. He was accused of using a gun to guard a Taliban tank, conducting surveillance on the empty US embassy in Kabul, attending al Qaeda training camps and fighting against American forces. Yesterday, he became the first Guantánamo prisoner to face a military commission, newly authorized by Congress last year. After a contentious hearing was adjourned, Hicks pleaded not guilty to involvement in any terrorist act, but stunned everyone by pleading guilty to one count of supporting a terrorist organization. Has Hicks been treated fairly or subjected to a kangaroo court? With the Bush Administration divided, what are the prospects for closing Guantánamo Bay?

Guy Taylor, International Editor for World Politics Watch
Richard Samp, Chief Counsel, Washington Legal Foundation
David D. Cole, American Civil Liberties Union / Georgetown University (@DavidColeACLU)
Michael Gawenda, Washington Correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald

Reporter's Notebook Webb's Aide Arrested for Carrying the Boss' Gun to Work 8 MIN, 31 SEC

Phil Thompson, a top aide to a US Senator was charged with a felony crime today for bringing a loaded gun into a Senate office building. Freshman Democrat Jim Webb told reporters it was his gun and that he's licensed to carry in his home state of Virginia. When asked if he's "above" the tough gun control laws of the District of Columbia, Webb replied that he backs the Second Amendment and supports Virginia's more permissive gun laws, especially now that he's in the Senate. John McAdle is a reporter for Roll Call.

John McArdle, Reporter for Roll Call

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