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In a test case for military tribunals, Osama bin Laden's former driver was convicted today on one charge but acquitted on another.  The White House calls it a "fair trial," but appeals are likely. We hear what's next at Guantánamo Bay for the sentencing of Salim Hamdan and the fate of 80 other prisoners. Also, FBI prepares to unveil its case against Bruce Ivins. On Reporter's Notebook, how did Paris Hilton get involved in the presidential campaign?

Photo: Defendant Salim Hamdan (L) sits during his trial inside the war crimes courthouse inside the war crimes courthouse at Camp Justicein Guantánamo Bay US Naval Base, in Cuba. Sketch by Janet Hamlin-Pool/Getty Images

Making News FBI to Unveil the Case against Bruce Ivins 6 MIN, 10 SEC

The FBI is briefing the families of five victims and nearly two dozen survivors of the anthrax letters that terrorized the nation in the aftermath of September 11. Later today, investigative reports are expected to be made public on Dr. Bruce Ivins, who apparently killed himself last week. David Willman of the Los Angeles Times was the first reporter to reveal that Ivins had become the prime suspect.

David Willman, Los Angeles Times

Main Topic The Legal and Political Implications of the Hamdan Verdict 29 MIN, 10 SEC

In America's first war crimes trial since World War II, a military court delivered a split verdict today. Salim Hamdan, once the driver for Osama bin Laden, was convicted of supporting terrorism but acquitted of the more serious charge of conspiracy. The same jury is about to begin the sentencing phase of the trial. Hamdan's case, regarded as an important test for the Bush Administration's latest version of military tribunals, will likely be appealed as debate continues over US standards of fairness and justice. We hear about the sentencing process at Guantánamo Bay and the prospects for some 80 other detainees.

Jess Bravin, Wall Street Journal (@JessBravin)
Lee Casey, former staffer, Justice Department
David Remes, attorney
Jonathan Drimmer, US Department of Justice (formerly)

Reporter's Notebook Paris Hilton for President? 13 MIN, 49 SEC

John McCain's campaign has ridiculed Barack Obama by comparing his celebrity status to that of Paris Hilton. Now Hilton has released a video announcing her candidacy for the White House against that "wrinkly old white-haired guy." In her video, Hilton proposes an energy plan combining McCain's off-shore drilling with Obama's hybrid-vehicle industry. McCain's campaign says it sounds as if she's supporting him. What's going on?

Dan Schnur, USC Unruh Institute of Politics / Dornsife LA Times Poll (@danschnur)
Michael Scherer, Time Magazine (@michaelscherer)

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