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Negotiators for Iran, the US and five other powers were too tired to celebrate after 17 days of work in Vienna, which included missed deadlines that kept the world waiting.

Also, LGBT equality…in military service and the Boy Scouts. 

The Deal is Done, but the Battle Is Just Beginning 39 MIN, 45 SEC

President Obama says the deal with Iran has made the world safer by stopping the spread of nuclear weapons in the volatile Middle East. 

Secretary of State John Kerry has staked his 30-year public career on the success the negotiations. Presuming that the UN goes along, Congress now has 60 days to approve or reject the accord — as well as the lifting of US sanctions.

 Republicans, including House Speaker John Boehner, agree with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the deal is "a historic mistake." Some Democrats are skeptical, too. They worry that Iran can't be trusted, but the President invoked a phrase made famous by Ronald Reagan, "This deal is not built on trust. It's built on verification." We look at the details and the prospects of a struggle with global significance between the White House and Congress.

Michael Crowley, Politico (@MichaelCrowley)
Tom Collina, Ploughshares Fund (@TomCollina)
Michael Rubin, American Enterprise Institute (@mrubin1971)
Trita Parsi, National Iranian American Council (@tparsi)

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LGBT Equality in Military Service and the Boy Scouts 10 MIN, 21 SEC

Yesterday saw two developments regarding the rights of LGBT people. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced a plan to abolish what he called an "outdated" regulation that harms the armed forces: the ban on transgender people from serving openly in the military. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who is now head of the Boy Scouts of America, approved a resolution dropping the blanket ban on openly gay scout leaders.

Aaron Belkin, director of the Palm Center and a visiting professor at UC Hastings Law School, is author of Bring Me Men: Military Masculinity and the Benign Façade of American Empire.

Aaron Belkin, Palm Center / UC Hastings (@AaronBelkin)

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Bring Me Men

Aaron Belkin

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