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In more than a fourth of  Afghanistan, voters might be risking their lives by participating in next week's national election. But the Obama Administration is hoping the outcome will lead to better governance. We look at the prospects for a weakened President Hamid Karzai and the realities of corruption, drug dealing and threats from the Taliban. Also, drugs, trade and flu at the Three Amigos Summit, and Westchester County agrees to create low cost hosing in some of New York City's richest, whitest suburbs.

Banner image: Afghan presidential candidate and former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah addresses supporters during an election campaign rally yesterday in Istalif, north of Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo: Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Making News Drugs, Trade and Flu at the 'Three Amigos' Summit 7 MIN, 47 SEC

At the North American Leaders Summit today in Guadalajara, President Obama endorsed Mexico’s crackdown on drug cartels and President Felipe Calderon's commitment to human rights.  Alfredo Corchado is Mexico correspondent for the Dallas Morning News.

Alfredo Corchado, Arizona State University (@ajcorchado)

Main Topic Afghanistan Takes Another Shot at Democracy 33 MIN, 38 SEC

The Obama Administration's "three-legged stool" for Afghanistan includes security, economic development and better governance. More troops are on the way, multi-billion dollar development contracts are being signed and national elections are just over a week away. Will the vote demonstrate political stability in a nation at war? With 40 other candidates on the ballot, President Hamid Karzai may be forced into a runoff. How deep is resentment over governmental corruption and the perception of US influence? Will voters outside Kabul ignore Taliban threats and go to the polls? Will it take deals with warlords and drug traffickers to keep Karzai in office?

Anand Gopal, New America Foundation (@anand_gopal_)
Ahmad Nader Nadery, Chairman, Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan
Elizabeth Rubin, Edward R. Murrow Press Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations
Sarah Chayes, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (@CarnegieEndow)

Reporter's Notebook Affirmative Action in Housing in Westchester County 9 MIN, 34 SEC

New York's Westchester County was sued for defrauding the federal government by misrepresenting its efforts to comply with conditions mandated for housing assistance. Today the County entered into a "landmark desegregation agreement," compelling creation of affordable housing in overwhelmingly white communities, including Scarsdale, Broxville and Hastings-on-Hudson. We hear more from Gerald McKinstry of the Journal News and Brian Gilmore, supervising attorney for the Fair Housing Clinic at Howard University School of Law.

Gerald McKinstry, Staff Writer, Journal News
Brian Gilmore, Supervising Attorney for the Fair Housing Clinic, Howard University School of Law

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