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American business says it tries to contribute equally to Democrats and Republicans, but this year it's going all out for the GOP.  Big Labor goes for Democrats, and a battle is raging over union organizing, regulation and influence on Capitol Hill.  Are businesses looking out for their own best interests? Also, the Bush Administration's final drive to deregulate, and the US embargo on Cuba could be at stake in next week’s elections. We hear about down and dirty campaigning in Florida.

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Making News Bush Administration Rushing Last-Minute Regulatory Changes 5 MIN, 56 SEC

Administration officials have just three weeks left to publish 90 new regulations the Bush White House wants set in concrete so the new Administration can't change them when it takes office next year.  That's according to Jeffrey Smith in today's Washington Post.

R. Jeffrey Smith, National Investigative Correspondent, Washington Post

Main Topic Does Big Business Still Prefer Republicans? 34 MIN, 57 SEC

Under eight years of a Democratic administration, the US economy thrived. Eight years of the Republicans have led to the brink of another Depression. But faced with Democratic majorities on Capitol Hill, the US Chamber of Commerce is spending bigger than ever this year on GOP candidates. Goal number one is to stop legislation making it easier to organize unions. Are unions really a threat to corporate prosperity? What about other Republican principles, including deregulation? We talk to Big Business, Big Labor and others.

Daniel Gross, Strategy + Business (@grossdm)
Mark McKinnon, No Labels (@mmckinnon)
Thea Lee, Policy Director and Chief Economist, AFL-CIO
Bruce Josten, Executive VP of Government Affairs, US Chamber of Commerce

Reporter's Notebook Dirty Tricks in Miami-Dade as Diaz-Balarts Fight for Seats 7 MIN, 47 SEC

John McCain supports the 48-year old US embargo on Cuba; Barack Obama has said he'd be open to diplomacy, even if Fidel Castro and his brother Raul are still in charge. Meantime, in Florida, two Cuban exiles who have been fierce guardians of the embargo are fighting for their political lives. Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart, nephews of Castro, are opposed, respectively, by Democrats Raul Martinez and Joe Garcia, who are brothers despite their different names. Ann Louise Bardach, author of the forthcoming book, Without Fidel, has written about the election for the Daily Beast.com.

Ann Louise Bardach, journalist and author (@albardach)

Without Fidel

Ann Louise Bardach

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