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It's a standard theme for almost every US politician, certainly for those running for President. Even if we believe it in our hearts, is "American Exceptionalism" a realistic guide to formulating policy? Also, Also, President Obama says all US troops in Iraq will home by Christmas, and Moammar Gadhafi's body is still on display as the UN human rights office tries to determine if he was executed or killed by crossfire between contending forces.

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Making News President Obama Says All US Troops in Iraq Home by Christmas 7 MIN, 44 SEC

President Obama today declared that the war in Iraq is about to be over, with all American troops home for the holidays before the end of this year. Yochi Dreazen is senior correspondent for military affairs and national security for the National Journal.


Yochi Dreazen, Foreign editor for Vox (@yochidreazen)

Main Topic 'American Exceptionalism:' Myth or Reality? 36 MIN, 43 SEC

Almost since the revolution that created the United States, Americans have considered themselves as a nation apart. "American Exceptionalism" is now a standard theme for Democrats and Republicans. With economic and military expansion, world leadership has been seen as an obligation. But, for all its contributions to human progress, does the US really behave that much better than other nations? Are there dangers in that kind of thinking? Should the US recognize its weaknesses as well as its strengths or, if it focuses too much on past mistakes, will it fail to take the actions required for the future? We hear an argument crucial to the assumptions that dictate national policy. How does America look to the rest of the world?

Stephen M. Walt, Harvard University (@stephenWalt)
Shelby Steele, Hoover Institution
Brian Katulis, Center for America Progress (@Katulis)
Michael Lind, New America Foundation (@NewAmerica)

The Prosperity Agenda

Nancy Soderberg

Reporter's Notebook Burial of Gadhafi Delayed amid Questions over Final Moments 6 MIN, 19 SEC

The American leader of NATO, Admiral James Stavridis, used Facebook today to tell the world he'll recommend the end of the NATO mission in Libya. Meantime, Moammar Gadhafi is dead, but not yet buried, despite Islamic tradition. His body lies in a refrigerator in Misurata. Was he killed in "crossfire" between opposing forces or executed by rebels using his own "golden handgun?" The UN human rights office wants to investigate the way in which he was killed. Mary Beth Sheridan is reporting from Tripoli for the Washington Post.

Mary Beth Sheridan, Washington Post

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