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With Congress paralyzed by partisan divisions, states are choosing different options for guns at elementary schools and on college campuses.  There's a range from outright bans to concealed — and even open — carry.

Also, the St. Louis County police chief believes today's Ferguson police shooter is associated with protests, Mainland China is ordering the Dalai Lama to reincarnate.

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Police Chief Believes Ferguson Police Shooter Associated to Protests 6 MIN, 30 SEC

Yesterday, in the wake of a scathing report about by the Justice Department, the beleaguered chief of police in Ferguson, Missouri resigned. Early this morning, during a protest, two officers — from different departments — were shot. Jon Belmar, Chief of Police in St. Louis County expressed relief they were not killed. He said he supports the First Amendment rights of protesters, adding, "but when you look at the tenor of at least some of the people that are involved in the protest of civil unrest it at times can be very troubling...and it is difficult for the officers to discern within a crowd of folks who perhaps are there for the right reason exactly who is doing what… I would have to imagine that these protestors were among the shooters that shot at the police officers."

Attorney General Eric Holder called the shootings "a heinous assault on two brave law enforcement officers that was inexcusable and repugnant."

Ben Kesling is in Ferguson, reporting for the Wall Street Journal.

Ben Kesling, Wall Street Journal (@bkesling)

America's Gun Debate Continues: With Schools in the Crossfire 33 MIN, 1 SEC

In just over two years since 26 killings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, there've been 100 school shootings: one every five weeks.  Congress has done nothing, but in various states new laws and ballot measures are going in different directions. Some are toughening gun controls, while others are allowing concealed carry in public schools, and there’s big money for campaigns on both sides. At the same time -- while guns are still selling, the number of people who own guns is on the decline. 

Last December, the Pew Research Center reported that — for the first time — a majority of Americans favored the rights of gun owners over gun control.  Last week, a different finding by the University of Chicago: the number of Americans who live in a household with at least one gun owner is the lowest ever: just 32%, compared to 50% in the 1980's.

We look at some challenging contradictions.  

Mark Follman, Mother Jones (@markfollman)
David Kopel, Independence Institute / Cato Institute / University of Denver (@davekopel)
Josh Sugarmann, Violence Policy Center (@VPCinfo)
Russ Moore, Shaker Junior High School (@NorthColonieCSD)

Mother Jones on two years of fatal attacks, from K-12 schools to colleges
Violence Policy Center on concealed carry killers being responsible for at least 722 deaths since 2007
FBI study of active shooter incidents in the US between 2000-2013

Communist China Orders Dalai Lama to Reincarnate 10 MIN, 22 SEC

The Dalai Lama, in exile from Tibet, has shaken up the government of Mainland China once again. When the 79-year-old Dalai Lama passes away, he's supposed to be reincarnated, and China wants to choose his successor — as a way of affirming control of Tibet. But the religious leader has cast doubt on his own afterlife. In December, he told the BBC, "The Dalai Lama institution will cease one day. These man-made institutions will cease. There is no guarantee that some stupid Dalai Lama won't come next, who will disgrace himself or herself. That would be very sad. So, much better that a centuries-old tradition should cease at the time of a quite popular Dalai Lama."

Yesterday, Chinese officials fired back.

Robert Barnett, who directs the modern Tibetan studies program at Columbia University, has more on the latest dispute about the Dalai Lama's reincarnation.

Robert Barnett, Director of Modern Tibetan Studies, Columbia University (@robbiebarnett)

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