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Although Hurricane Isaac cancelled Monday's session and has now stalled over Louisiana, last night the GOP finally made prime time. We hear reaction to speeches by Ann Romney and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Also, Los Angeles crime writer and Tampa resident Michael Connelly talks about Tampa Noir.

Banner image: Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, addresses delegates during the second session of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, August 28, 2012. Photo by Mike Segar/Reuters

Making News Hurricane Isaac Stalls over Louisiana 7 MIN, 11 SEC

Hurricane Isaac is by no means forgotten. Mark Schleifstein is environmental reporter for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, which won two Pulitzer Prizes for coverage of Katrina seven years ago.

Mark Schleifstein, Times-Picayune (@mschleifsteintp)

Path of Destruction

Mark Schleifstein and John McQuaid

Main Topic Love, Respect and the GOP 35 MIN, 31 SEC

After Monday's cancelled session, delegates packed the Tampa Bay Times Forum last night. First, they called the roll of states and officially nominated Mitt Romney. Then they heard speech after speech by Republican headliners. But the big moments came in prime time, Ann Romney wowed them with talk about "love" and life with her husband. Did she blunt the Democrats' charge about a Republican "war against women?" In his keynote address, New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie said, "We choose respect over love." Is the convention sending mixed messages?  The answer may come tonight from vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan, if he adds any specifics to the generalities we've heard so far. Do Romney strategists think the convention is meeting its goals?  How much harder is Hurricane Isaac making that job? We hear excerpts from both speeches, as well as commentary from the Left, the Right — and the Center.



Lois Romano, Politico (@loisromano)
Ginger Howard, delegate from Atlanta, Georgia
Irin Carmon, Salon.com (@irincarmon)
David Corn, Mother Jones magazine (@DavidCornDC)
Vin Weber, Mercury/Clark & Weinstock
David Frum, The Atlantic (@davidfrum)


David Frum

Reporter's Notebook Tampa Plays Seedy Host to the Republican Convention 7 MIN, 11 SEC

book.jpgMichael Connelly is a former reporter who's now the best-selling author of 25 crime novels, mostly set in Los Angeles. Due in November is The Black Box, featuring his familiar character, the LAPD detective Hieronymous (Harry) Bosch. Connelly grew up in Florida and he moved back to Tampa after doing a stretch at the Los Angeles Times. We talk with him about something Republicans are not talking about: Tampa Noir, from churches to strip clubs to organized crime. 

Michael Connelly, author (@connellybooks)

The Black Box (Harry Bosch)

Michael Connelly

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