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The FBI is conducting a massive investigation into last week's killing of four Marines and a sailor in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We hear what's known about the young, Muslim shooter and the potential impact of the incident in southern states that are rapidly changing.

Also, Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian marks one year in an Iranian prison. On today's Talking Point, what does a Texas dash cam tell us about American policing? We review the dash cam evidence with a legal expert.  

Photo: Police tape and a makeshift memorial frame the scene after the shooting at an Armed Forces Career Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. (US Navy)

Washington Post Reporter Jason Rezaian Marks Year in Iranian Prison 6 MIN, 29 SEC

At the United Nations today, Iran was accused of flagrant human rights violations after a full year of what's called the "arbitrary and unlawful" detention of Jason Rezaian. Bringing the charge was his employer, the Washington Post. Douglas Jehl is foreign editor at the paper and Jason Rezaian's editor. 

Douglas Jehl, Washington Post (@jehld)

Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

Another Mass Shooting in a Divided Country 32 MIN, 28 SEC

In Chattanooga today, a Marine general and a Navy admiral remembered the four Marines and one sailor killed by a Muslim gunman last week as "heroes." The FBI has 250 agents on the scene and others running down some 400 leads around the world. The shooter is being regarded as "a homegrown violent extremist, who acted on his own… with nobody assisting him on that day."

When a self-described white supremacist gunned down nine black people in a Charleston church, official national mourning began immediately. When a young Muslim man killed four Marines and a sailor in Chattanooga, it took the President five days to lower the flags on government buildings. Military supporters are angry, calling it evidence of estrangement between the armed services and a society that takes them for granted. Call it "terrorism" or "an act of war," they expect more such incidents to come. What's the likely impact on a rapidly changing South?

Cameron McWhirter, Wall Street Journal (@cammcwhirter)
Daoud Abudiab, Faith and Culture Center (@faithculturectr)
Will Saletan, Slate (@saletan)
Jeff Edwards, Unprecedented Mediocrity (@Jeffed0311)

Wall Street Journal on investigators seeing radicalization in Chattanooga shooter
Faith and Culture Center on community, religious leaders' response to shooting
Faith and Culture Center's 'Our Muslim Neighbors' intitiative

Was Sandra Bland's Only Crime 'Contempt of Cop?' 10 MIN, 49 SEC

The coroner in Waller County, Texas called it a jailhouse suicide, but authorities are investigating it as a case of murder.  Since Sandra Bland was found hanged in her jail cell last week, her family says the verdict of suicide is "unfathomable." They've demanded to know how a routine traffic stop led to her arrest in the first place.

Yesterday, Texas officials released video recorded from the officers dash cam. What does that evidence reveal about why the young, black woman was originally arrested?

Gloria Browne-Marshall, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (@gbrownemarshall)
Jamilah Lemieux, Ebony.com (@JamilahLemieux)

Lemieux on call for answers in death of Sandra Bland

Race, Law, and American Society

Gloria J. Browne-Marshall

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