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Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers and Wall Street Occupiers all agree that America needs more jobs. They don't agree on how to create them.  Is there any quick solution?  Does the US still have the engines of growth required to compete in the global economy? Also, Iran signals it may cooperate on the assassination plot, and it's the National League St. Louis Cardinals and the American League's Texas Rangers in this year's World Series, with the first game scheduled for Wednesday.

Banner image: A group of demonstrators hold up signs before a markup hearing of the Senate Finance Committee October 11, 2011 in Washington, DC. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Making News Iran Signals It May Cooperate on Assassination Plot 7 MIN, 47 SEC

Iran has angrily denied American claims that elements of its elite forces conspired with a Mexican drug gang to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the US on American soil. But today, Iran's foreign minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, said he would ensure his country's cooperation in "seriously and patiently" investigating the evidence. Laura Rozen is senior foreign policy reporter for Yahoo News.

Laura Rozen, Al-Monitor (@lrozen)

Main Topic Are Higher Taxes the 'Price of Civilization?' 36 MIN, 57 SEC

President Obama is campaigning in crucial states this week, demanding that Congress pass his jobs bill and increase taxes on the richest Americans. Potential Republican rivals, who will stage another debate in Las Vegas tomorrow, have jobs plans of their own, with most calling for creating jobs by cutting taxes and regulations to free up the private sector. But what if high unemployment is the "new normal?" Are both parties offering "gimmicks" that can't overcome structural weaknesses in the economy? Are they thinking too small?  Has America lost the broad consensus that democracy requires? Is there a moral as well as an economic crisis?

David Leonhardt, New York Times (@DLeonhardt)
Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University
Chrystia Freeland, Canadian Parliament (@cafreeland)

The Price of Civilization

Jeffrey D. Sachs

Reporter's Notebook Cardinals and Rangers Head to the World Series 6 MIN, 16 SEC

The World Series lineup is finally decided. The St Louis Cardinals will face the Texas Rangers. The Cardinals have won 10 World Series, second only to the Yankees with 27. The Rangers are looking for their first baseball championship, having lost to San Francisco in their first try last year. Amalie Benjamin, sports reporter for the Boston Globe, tells us how they got there and how they shape up.

Amalie Benjamin, Boston Globe (@twitter.com/AmalieBenjamin)

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