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The Bush Administration is negotiating a state-of-the-art arms sale to Saudi Arabia at the same time the Saudis are accused of destabilizing Iraq and condoning terror. Israel and Egypt are getting new weapons, too. Is the US helping important allies or fueling the arms race in an unstable region? Also, an update on Chief Justice John Roberts, who suffered a seizure yesterday while vacationing in Maine and, on Reporter's Notebook, it appears that Rupert Murdoch will be the owner of the Wall Street Journal.

US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice meet with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in a meeting aimed at encouraging their allies to help stabilize Iraq and bolster the US-backed Baghdad government.Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images

Making News Chief Justice Robert Suffers Seizure 5 MIN, 54 SEC

Chief Justice John Roberts walked out of a Maine hospital today and waved to onlookers, one day after he suffered a seizure that caused him to fall on a dock near his vacation home. Doctors said there was no tumor, no stroke or any other explanation.  President Bush spoke to him by phone and said he sounded "in great spirits."  Dr. Gregory Bergey is Professor of Neurology and Director of the Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Center.

Gregory Bergey, Director of the Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Center

Main Topic Arms for Diplomacy in the Middle East 35 MIN, 28 SEC

After stops in Israel and the Arab Emirates, the Secretaries of State and Defense are in Saudi Arabia, working out the details of a massive sale of sophisticated weapons. The Bush Administration says it's a way to counter Iran. Opponents accuse the Saudis of supporting terrorists and the Sunni insurgency in Iraq. Israel has signed off on the deal after being promised new arms of its own. Egypt will get new weaponry, too. Is the US fueling the arms race in one of the world's most unstable regions? Is it really all about oil?

Stephen Schwartz, Executive Director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism
John Duke Anthony, President of the National Council on US-Arab Relations
Wade Boese, Research Director at the Arms Control Association
Yossi Melman, Commentator, Ha'aretz

Reporter's Notebook Bancroft Family Agrees to Sell Dow Jones to Rupert Murdoch 7 MIN, 19 SEC

Australian Rupert Murdoch will become America's most powerful news executive if today's tentative $5 billion deal with the Bancroft Family gives him Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal. Three dozen members of the Bancroft family were reportedly "deeply divided" over the deal which could threaten the credibility of the Journal. Did Murdoch make them an offer they couldn't refuse? Dow Jones stock was trading at $36 a share when Murdoch offered to buy it for $60. Louis Ureneck chairs that Journalism Department at Boston University.

Louis Ureneck, Chairman of the Journalism Department at Boston University

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