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Photo: Street vendors at the pedestrian border crossing in Tijuana, with the US-Mexico barrier at their backs.(Toksave)

President Trump takes aim at trade with two executive orders 6 MIN, 31 SEC

President Trump signed two new executive orders today, aimed at reshaping US trade policy. One puts in place a wide-ranging study of America's half-trillion-dollar deficit with our largest trading partners. The other calls for stricter enforcement of anti-dumping laws to keep foreign manufacturers from undercutting US companies selling goods at fair prices. The orders come just one week before Trump meets with President Xii Jinping of China, which Trump has repeatedly accused of unfair trade practices. Peter Nicholas, who covers the White House for the Wall Street Journal, has details.

Peter Nicholas, Wall Street Journal (@PeterWSJ)

Is extreme vetting Trump's invisible wall? 33 MIN, 23 SEC

President Trump promised to tighten US borders by restricting travel and building his big beautiful wall between America and Mexico. But legal challenges to his travel ban and Mexico's refusal to foot the construction bill are making it hard for him to deliver. Nevertheless, the administration is moving forward on both fronts. It's opened a $600 million bidding contest for construction on the border wall and, in the past two weeks the administration implemented a new policy of "extreme vetting" of visa applicants -- one of Trump's signature campaign promises, but without the fanfare. This vetting was revealed in a series of diplomatic cables sent by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to embassies and consulates, explaining the new policy.

Miller on Trump's 'buy American' pledge being at risk with border wall
Taylor on White House calling for domestic cuts to finance border wall
Washington Post on Hispanic contractors that offered to build the wall getting death threats

Making it easier for states to defund Planned Parenthood 10 MIN, 20 SEC

Senate Republicans took aim at Planned Parenthood yesterday in a vote that unfolded like a House of Cards episode. With Democrats and two female Republicans opposed, it took a Georgia Republican showing up in a wheelchair, still recovering from back surgeries to cast his vote -- and Vice President Mike Pence still had to break the tie.

Photo by Sarah Mirk

The bill now heading to the President's desk would affect more than just Planned Parenthood. It seeks to undo an Obama Administration rule that prevented states from blocking funding for family planning clinics that also perform abortions. Emily Crockett of Vox has more on the story.

Emily Crockett, Freelance reporter (@emilycrockett)

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