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Healthcare.gov crashed again yesterday, despite promises to get the Affordable Care Act website running smoothly. We hear what's gone wrong, how long problems are likely to last and what they could mean for the rollout of Obamacare. Also, NSA spying on allies becoming a diplomatic problem. On Today's Talking Point, 12 years after September 11, is the obsession with security worth the damage to international relations and domestic liberty?

Making News NSA Spying on Allies Becoming a Diplomatic Problem 7 MIN, 49 SEC

French and German delegations in Washington are urging changes in American intelligence operations overseas. Now the newspaper El Mundo reports that 60 million phone calls were tracked in Spain in just a single month. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney acknowledged, "We are mindful that some of these disclosures have created tension in our relationships. We deal with those issues through diplomatic channels and we are in direct communications with a number of countries on these matters." Anne Gearan is diplomacy correspondent for the Washington Post.

Anne Gearan, Washington Post (@agearan)

Main Topic Will Digital Disaster Upend the Affordable Care Act? 35 MIN, 26 SEC

The White House has promised that Healthcare.gov will be running smoothly by the end of November, but yesterday, it crashed again. At today's briefing, Press Secretary Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters, "We have several teams, many teams of highly qualified experts who are addressing the identified and isolated problems that do exist and have existed with the website, and they are fixing them incrementally as Jeff Zients and others have talked about." Why has so much gone so badly so soon for the signature accomplishment of President Obama's first term? Some website programmers say it started too late and too big. They warn that the planned "tech surge" could make things worse, rather than better. With Democrats demanding delays in signups and penalties and Republicans calling for heads to roll, the urgency of finding a fix grows by the day.

Charles Ornstein, ProPublica (@charlesornstein)
Bill Curtis, Consortium for IT Software Quality (@CASTsoftware)
Merici Vinton, Made by Many (@merici)
Jennifer Steinhauer, New York Times (@jestei)

Today's Talking Point Is Our Fear of al Qaeda More Damaging than al Qaeda Itself? 7 MIN, 37 SEC

Since September 11, the US has engaged in two wars, killed innocent civilians with unmanned drones and conducted massive, secret surveillance at home and abroad. Three disclosures in the past week show how "sweeping government efforts to stop attacks are backfiring abroad and infringing on basic rights at home." David Rohde, columnist for Reuters and the Atlantic, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner and author of Beyond War: Reimagining American Influence in a New Middle East, says the US is "losing its way in the struggle against terrorism."

David Rohde, Reuters (@RohdeD)

Beyond War

David Rohde

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