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Thirty years after the discovery of HIV/AIDS, there's been progress in getting the pandemic under control, although millions in poor countries die every year. We hear about the latest breakthroughs: treatment that leads to prevention -- and one case that was cured. Also, Obama economic advisor Austan Goolsbee to leave the White House. On Reporter’s Notebook, can the US learn from Germany's economic success?

Banner image: A couple hug near the AIDS Memorial Quilt in Washington, DC. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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Tina Rosenberg

Making News Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers to Leave 7 MIN, 22 SEC

The Chair of the President's Council of Economic Advisors is leaving the White House. Austan Goolsbee's departure comes after last week's dismal unemployment report and as polls show President Obama's ratings on the economy in decline. After a meeting today with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Obama was asked about his own concerns. He expressed encouragement about recent "robust job growth" but voiced concern that the recovery is not producing jobs as quickly as he wants it to happen. Ben White writes the Morning Money newsletter for Politico.

Ben White, Politico / CNBC (@morningmoneyben)

Main Topic Can AIDS Ever Be Cured? 33 MIN, 21 SEC

Thirty years ago this past Sunday, the first five cases of what became known as HIV/AIDS showed up in Los Angeles. It has now killed 30 million people worldwide. Thirty-three million have the disease -- one million in the US, and there's been progress. Drugs that once cost $12,000 a year now cost less than $200. Those same drugs that control HIV can prevent its transmission, but only if they're taken before symptoms begin to develop. Should patients be forced to take them? Should more research money go for a cure? What about a vaccine? Can medicine reach the poor who suffer the most?

Tina Rosenberg, freelance journalist
David Baltimore, California Institute of Technology
Eric Goosby, US State Department

Reporter's Notebook Can the US Learn from Germany's Economic Success? 9 MIN, 39 SEC

At the Obama White House tonight, Chancellor Angela Merkel will be receiving the Medal of Freedom. Today, the President and Chancellor held a joint press conference, at which they pledged their mutual support. While much of Europe is struggling to emerge from the recession, Germany is thriving. Why is the German economy doing so much better than that of the US? Scott Wilson covers the White House for the Washington Post. Ralph Atkins is Frankfurt Bureau Chief for the Financial Times.


Scott Wilson, Washington Post (@PostScottWilson)
Ralph Atkins, Financial Times

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