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Undocumented farm workers face some of the harshest working conditions in the country, but tomato pickers in Immokolee, Florida have forged partnerships with major corporations to put pressure on growers to treat workers more humanely. Now in a surprising move, Walmart has signed on to their Fair Foods Program. Guest host Barbara Bogaev explores whether this anti-union retail behemoth will help bring fairer labor practices to the rest of the nation. Also, the EU follows the US in imposing sanctions on Russia. On today's Talking Point, is your cellphone protected by the constitution? The Supreme courts weighs in on police searches and everyone’s favorite digital device.

NBA Goes All In on Pushing Clippers Owner Out 7 MIN, 50 SEC

Today NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life in response to racist comments the league says he made in a recorded conversation. Silver also said that an investigation has confirmed that the man speaking in the recording was indeed Sterling.

Jill Painter, Los Angeles Daily News (@jillpainter)
Andrew Zimbalist, Smith College

Daily News on NBA's ban of Donald Sterling

EU Follows US in Imposing Russia Sanctions

A day after the US announced its fourth round of sanctions on Russia, the European Union weighed in with its own list of assets freezes and visa bans on senior Russian military and political figures. The EU is Russia's largest trading partner. With oil and gas such a priority for Europe, will the US–EU alliance hold? Alexander Kliment is Director of Russia Research for the Eurasia Group, a political risk consulting firm in New York City.

Alexander Kliment, Eurasia Group (@SaoSasha)

Can Big Business Improve the Plight of America's Farm Workers? 34 MIN, 52 SEC

Migrant workers labor under conditions that some describe as a kind of indentured servitude and, until not that long ago, the very worst of the worst offenders were the tomato farms of Immokolee, Florida. But, in 1993, tomato pickers there got together and began partnering with retailers and restaurant chains, including McDonald's and Taco Bell, to pressure growers in Florida into providing better wages and humane conditions. Now one of the nation's largest and least labor friendly corporations is joining up. Will Walmart bring this innovative program to the rest of the country? Is threatening the bottom dollar the most effective way to improve the lives of the nation's most vulnerable workers?


Eric Schlosser, investigative reporter and author
Gerardo Reyes Chavez, Coalition of Immokalee Workers (@CIW)
Kory Lundberg, Walmart (@WalMart)
Andres Cediel, University of California, Berkeley (@UCBerkeleyIRP)

Cediel's 'Rape in the Fields'
Coalition of Immokalee Workers' Fair Foods Program
Schlosser's 'Food Chains'
Steinbeck's 'The Grapes of Wrath'
U Visa program
Walmart on changes 'from farm to fork'



Computer Literacy at the Supreme Court 8 MIN, 23 SEC

What's in a cell phone? About one hundred times more information than all 72 thousand pages of James Madison's collected works. Today the Supreme Court considers whether police have the right to search a suspect's portable super-encyclopedia to their personal, financial, health and employments histories. Cell phones and privacy rights are something the founding fathers never dreamed of. 

Adam Liptak, New York Times (@adamliptak)
Kashmir Hill, Forbes magazine (@kashhill)

Faraday pouch
Hill on cellphone case at the Supreme Court
Liptak on Supreme Court Justices being torn on cellphone warrants

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