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Get ready for massive news coverage tomorrow of the Democrats' Rules and Bylaws Committee, which might finally decide if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton gets the nomination.  Then again, it might not. We hear from both sides playing out a scenario that would have been unbelievable on The West Wing. Also, the father of radical jihad calls for restraint, and despite a shortage of transplantable organs, Japanese gangsters got new livers at a major American hospital—with help from the FBI.

Making News The Father of Radical Jihad Calls for Restraint 6 MIN, 8 SEC

Despite recent warnings about al Qaeda, CIA Director Michael Hayden has told the Washington Post the terrorist movement is "essentially defeated in both Iraq and Saudi Arabia and on the defensive through much of the rest of the world." This week's New Yorker magazine reports that radical Islam is "confronting a rebellion within its ranks." Lawrence Wright is a New Yorker staff writer.  

Lawrence Wright, author, screenwriter, staff writer New Yorker (@lawrence_wright)

Main Topic Democrats to Decide Rules for Michigan, Florida Delegates 35 MIN, 17 SEC

There will be standing room only for tomorrow's meeting of a group even political junkies never heard of before, the Democrats' Rules and Bylaws Committee. Thirty party insiders will try to compromise on disputed delegates from two states that will matter greatly in the general election. There will be saturation news coverage as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the States of Michigan and Florida make their cases during the morning. Deliberations will start in the afternoon. But the big question is whether the nomination will finally be resolved. Clinton supporters plan demonstrations outside; Obama wants his people to cool it. We hear arguments from both sides on the latest event to make this a campaign unprecedented in political history.  

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Congresswoman (D-FL); Clinton Campaign Co-chair
Robert Wexler, Congressman (D-FL); Obama Campaign Co-chair
David Lightman, McClatchy Newspapers (@LightmanDavid)
Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC (@Lawrence)
Rhodes Cook, author, 'Race for the Presidency'

Reporter's Notebook Japanese Yakuza and Liver Transplants in the US 7 MIN, 17 SEC

The UCLA Medical Center is a world-renown center for organ transplants. Between 2000 and 2004, organs were scarce, but Tadamasa Goto and three other Japanese gangsters got ahead of the line. Goto, who leads a Japanese gang called the Goto-gumi, is barred from the United States. The FBI helped him get the visa hoping for information on organized crime. They never got it, but Goto got a new liver. That's according to today's Los Angeles Times in a story co-written by Charles Ornstein.

Charles Ornstein, ProPublica (@charlesornstein)

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