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Photo: Two people sit on the ground as they protest in front of police in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina during a protest of the police shooting of Keith Scott, in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 21, 2016. (Jason Miczek/Reuters)

US strategy in a Syria in turmoil 6 MIN, 30 SEC

Yesterday at the United Nations, Secretary of State John Kerry denounced Russia and pointed to the deadly bombing of a UN aid convoy in Syria.

Today, before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Republican Chairman John McCain called Kerry "intrepid but delusional," and challenged General Joseph Dunford, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. "What's the Plan B? Is there a Plan B here, or do we just keep going back to the five-star hotels in Geneva meeting with our count, Mr. Lavrov, and come back with various declarations? What do we do if this one fails?” Ben Watson is following the story for the news site Defense One.

Ben Watson, Defense One (@natsecwatson)

Charlotte, Tulsa and living while black in America 34 MIN, 12 SEC

Recent high-profile killings of black people by local police are the just latest in a year that’s already seen such incidents more than 200 times. These two differ in many ways: police video has been released in Tulsa, but not in Charlotte.

Tulsa’s been peaceful, while there’s been violence in Charlotte. But what might be most important is one thing they share: black communities that don’t believe official explanations, and that don’t trust local police. We talk about what that reveals about American history and contemporary reality -- and the challenge posed to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  

Melanie Eversley, USA Today (@MelanieEversley)
Gene Demby, NPR (@NPRCodeswitch)
Sonia Pruitt, National Black Police Association / Montgomery County Police Department
Noel Leader, 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care

Eversley on the video of an unarmed Terence Crutcher shot by Tulsa officer
Neal on the mundaneness of blackness
Code Switch: No Words
Code Switch: Black and Blue

Is Trump illegally benefiting from his charity? 9 MIN, 17 SEC

The latest revelation about Donald Trump's charitable foundation shows how other people's money has been collected, then donated to settle lawsuits against Trump's for-profit businesses.

Photo by Mark Taylor

Republicans accuse Hillary Clinton of using the Clinton Foundation for a "pay-to-play" operation while she was Secretary of State. For some time now, the Washington Post has been reporting on how Donald Trump uses his foundation. David Fahrenthold has the latest in a series of investigative reports about charitable giving by Donald Trump – to Donald Trump.

David Fahrenthold, Washington Post (@Fahrenthold)

Fahrenthold on how a Univision anchor found the missing portrait that Trump bought with his charity's money

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