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Last week’s murder of nine black people in their place of sanctuary has confronted America once again with the specter of racism — past and present.  What about the future?  Can the country move forward when we can’t agree on the past? 

Also, French President François Hollande charges that the US is spying on more of its friends. On today's Talking Point, a heat wave during Ramadan has killed 800 people in Pakistan. Can the government survive?

Photo: Matthew Yglesias

White Like Me

Tim Wise

Spying on Our Friends 6 MIN, 12 SEC

France's president is condemning the US for new spying revelations. François Hollande called an emergency meeting today to discuss revelations that the National Security Agency has been eavesdropping on private conversations of top government officials, including three French presidents. Alissa Rubin, Paris bureau chief for the New York Times, has more on the story.

Alissa Johannsen Rubin, New York Times (@alissanyt)

Black Deaths and White Culture 36 MIN, 26 SEC

Last week's murder of nine black people in their place of sanctuary has confronted America once again with the specter of racism — past and present.  One victim, Rev. Clementa Pinckney, who is lying in state in South Carolina's state capitol, will be eulogized Friday by the first black president. Meantime, there are calls for a "conversation" among white Americans — including both parties' candidates for the White House.  But what about the future?  Can the country move forward when we can't agree on the past?

President Obama on the shooting in South Carolina
DuBois on the need to talk about white culture
President Obama on WTF with Marc Maron
Capehart on Obama, the N-word and racism
Obama on the arrest of Henry Louis Gates as a "teachable moment" (TtP feature)
Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)
NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund on Governor Haley's call to remove the flag from the SC capitol
Post and Courier on SC lawmakers who avoid taking stand on removing Confederate flag

Pakistan Heat Wave Claims 800 Lives 6 MIN, 55 SEC

Heatstroke has killed 800 people and hospitalized thousands of others in Pakistan, a country that lacks the resources to cope with such devastation — which comes during Ramadan, a time when people abstain from food and water. Ongoing electricity shortages make it even worse as temperatures reportedly cool down. Hospitals and morgues have run out of room for the victims. Beenish Ahmed is world reporter for Think Progress.

People buy ice blocks from a vendor along a road during a heat wave in Karachi, Pakistan, June 24, 2015
Photo: Akhtar Soomro/Reuters


Beenish Ahmed, Think Progress (@beenishfahmed)

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