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It's not just Syria. One veteran congressman calls this "an amazing time." Obamacare, immigration reform, a possible government shutdown and defaulting on the national debt are all on the table as Congress returns from the August recess. We get progress reports. Also, Russia urges Syria to give up chemical weapons as President Assad denies the attack, and Apple will be announcing a new iPhone tomorrow — with new technology and a higher price.  Why is it also announcing another model at the same time?

Banner image: Speaker John Boehner holds the gavel in the Hall of the House of Representatives. Official Photo by Bryant Avondoglio

Making News Russia Urges Syria to Give up Chemical Weapons 7 MIN, 49 SEC

Secretary of State John Kerry said today that Syria's President Assad could avert an attack by handing over all his chemical weapons to the UN in one week. Russia has urged Assad to do that, and Assad says that might be a good idea. At a White House briefing today, Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken vowed to consider the option, but observed that "it's clear that this proposal comes in the context of the threat of US action… So it's even more important that we don't take the pressure off and Congress give the President the authority he's requested." Ken Dilanian is intelligence and national security correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.



Ken Dilanian, NBC News (@KenDilanianNBC)

Main Topic A Major Moment on Capitol Hill 33 MIN, 58 SEC

President Obama, who won office in part with the promise of ending wars, now faces a historic rebuke of his call for "limited" military action in Syria to punish the Assad regime's alleged use of chemical weapons against its own people. But that's not all. The Senate and Congress are back from the August recess facing so much unfinished business that veteran members call it "amazing." There are just nine working days until a possible government shutdown and a debt default that threatens the global economy. There's a chance that Obamacare will become a distraction and that immigration reform may be put off until the next President is in office. Is what's becoming America's most unpopular institution up to the job?

Molly Ball, Time Magazine (@mollyesque)
Karen Tumulty, Washington Post (@ktumulty)
Ed Kilgore, New York magazine / Democratic Strategist (@ed_kilgore)
John Feehery, Feehery Group (@JohnFeehery)

Today's Talking Point Apple Has Techies Talking about Two New Phones 9 MIN, 30 SEC

One of the new iPhones expected from Apple tomorrow will feature advanced new technology and higher prices. So why, for the first time, is another new iPhone also expected — that's both more basic and cheaper? Tomorrow's unveiling of two new iPhones will take place in Cupertino, as it always does, and Ina Fried will be there. The senior editor for All Things D is the one who reported the news back in August.

Ina Fried, All Things D (@inafried)

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