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Wisconsin's Republicans and Democrats were divided last week about pensions and benefits for public workers.  There's another division — within the Democratic Party. We hear what happened in blue-state California and whether it's likely to spread. Also, Spain receives a bailout, but is that enough? On Reporter's Notebook, we introduce a new, regular Monday feature called "Red-State, Blue-State."

Banner image: Union workers hold a flag during a large march and rally at the Wisconsin State Capitol on March 5, 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Making News Spain Receives a Bailout, but Is That Enough? 7 MIN, 36 SEC

Markets around the world breathed a sigh of relief today over Spain's acceptance of a €100 billion bailout plan. But Spain's not out of the woods and there's apprehension about what might happen in Greek elections this coming weekend. Charles Forelle is covering the Eurozone for the Wall Street Journal.

Charles Forelle, Wall Street Journal (@charlesforelle)

Main Topic Public Unions and Democrats: A Rift between Friends? 33 MIN, 27 SEC

Last week's failed recall of Wisconsin's Republican Governor Scott Walker was bad news for public employee unions in a crucial swing state. The news from blue-state California may be worse. In Republican stronghold San Diego, 67 percent of voters approved limitations on the pensions of public workers.  No big surprise. But Democrats who run the City of San Jose persuaded 70 percent of the voters to roll back retirement benefits for public workers. More and more Democrats agree that union benefits are so high they threaten major cuts in basic services, including public safety. If Democrats don't support unions, will union members support them?  What are the consequences for this year's elections?

This story was informed in part from sources in the Public Insight Network, find out more: www.KCRW.com/insight

Sam Liccardo, San Jose City Council (@sliccardo)
Barbara Maynard, Californians for Retirement Security
Harold Meyerson, Editor, The American Prospect; and Columnist (@haroldmeyerson)
Mickey Kaus, Political Commentator and Author (@kausmickey)

The End Of Equality

Mickey Kaus

Red State-Blue State Red State-Blue State 9 MIN, 57 SEC

Every Monday between now and Election Day in November, we'll have a regular conversation we're calling, "Red-State, Blue-State," covering the political news of the past weekend and looking ahead at what's likely to come. Wayne Slater is senior political writer for the Dallas Morning News in the Red State of Texas. Carla Marinucci, our Blue State reporter, is the senior political writer for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Wayne Slater, journalist and author (@WayneSlater)
Carla Marinucci, Politico (@cmarinucci)

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