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Barack Obama and the Democrats had the advantage of going first. Now the Republicans are getting ready to show their stuff in St. Paul.  Did Obama's historic address in Denver's Mile High Stadium meet the mile-high expectations? How will McCain will respond now that he has center stage and a running mate?  Also, three years ago it was Katrina. Now, Gustav is threatening to hit New Orleans. How is the city preparing this time? Judy Muller guest hosts.

Words that Shook the World

Richard Greene and Florie Brizel

Making News McCain Goes to Alaska for a Running Mate 5 MIN, 54 SEC

mccain-palin.jpgJohn McCain surprised almost everyone today when he named Sarah Palin his running mate. The youngest person ever elected Governor of Alaska, she the first woman in that office. Like McCain she is known as an iconoclast. Palin has served as governor for only two years, and was not among the names being floated by pundits as the most likely choices. She is a member of the NRA, opposes abortion, supports oil drilling in ANWAR. Dave Donaldson is Capitol correspondent for the Alaska Public Radio Network.

Dave Donaldson, Capitol Correspondent, Alaska Public Radio Network

Main Topic Obama's Speech, McCain's VP, from Denver to the Twin Cities 33 MIN, 13 SEC

tp080829obama_family.jpgIn front of a crowd of 80,000 in a Denver football stadium, plus millions watching on TV, the country's first African American presidential nominee mixed soaring rhetoric and down-to-earth detail in an effort to give new momentum to his campaign. It was an historic moment, coming on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech. Polls have showed Barack Obama losing ground, but last night he showed a more combative side. He did the obligatory nod to John McCain's service and then launched into the most scathing attack against him and the Bush Administration we've heard so far. This morning, McCain and his just-announced running mate, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, are gearing up for next week's GOP convention with rallies in three battleground states. Did Obama accomplish what he needed to? What impact will Palin have on McCain's campaign?

Richard Greene, political speech analyst and communication coach
Lorenzo Morris, Professor of the Political Science, Howard University
Linda Feldmann, Christian Science Monitor (@linda_feldmann)
Dan Schnur, USC Unruh Institute of Politics / Dornsife LA Times Poll (@danschnur)
Jessica Echard, Spokeswoman, Eagle Forum

Reporter's Notebook On Katrina's Third Anniversary, New Orleans Prepares for Another Hurricane 9 MIN, 5 SEC

Tropical Storm Gustav is taking aim at Louisiana and politicians are acting to prevent the worst, a sharp contrast to the Katrina response, which devastated New Orleans and killed more than1500 people. The National Hurricane Center still is predicting that Gustav will hit Tuesday morning as a major Category Three hurricane. The Bush Administration has sent Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and the FEMA administrator to Baton Rouge to meet with state and local officials. Mark Schleifstein reports on the environment for the Times Picayne, which won two Pulitzer Prizes for its coverage.

Mark Schleifstein, Times-Picayune (@mschleifsteintp)


Judy Muller

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