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Iran continues to hold British marines and sailors as the US and Iranian navies hold maneuvers in the Persian Gulf. As the crisis escalates, what are the prospects for resolution or escalation?  What's the history of Anglo-American relations with an oil-rich Middle Eastern country?  Also, David Hicks, the so-called Australian Taliban, is sentenced to seven years imprisonment and, on Reporter's Notebook, French presidential candidates go on the Internet for a 'Second Life.' 

Making News Australian Taliban Gets Seven Year Sentence, Sort of 6 MIN, 8 SEC

At Guantánamo Bay today, David Hicks was sentenced to seven years, but not before charges against the so-called Australian Taliban were modified or before Hicks' appearance underwent a remarkable transformation. Leila McKinnon covering the trail for Network Nine in Australia.

Leila McKinnon, Los Angeles Correspondent for Network Nine

Main Topic Another Growing Crisis in the Middle East 36 MIN, 10 SEC

Iran has released a videotape and three letters purporting to be from Faye Turney, the lone woman among fifteen British captives, apologizing for crossing into Iran's territorial waters. Today, a second detainee, Nathan Thomas Summers, is shown on video, once again with an apology. Tony Blair calls Iran's actions disgusting violations of international law that will isolate Iran from the rest of the world.  At the same time, both Iran and the US are conducting naval maneuvers in the Persian Gulf--the US with two aircraft carriers and dozens of other ships. What are the prospects for resolution or escalation as neither side shows any sign of backing down? Today's confrontation is a current affair, but there are centuries of history behind it. What's the history of British and American relations with oil-rich Iran? 

Angus McDowall, Tehran Correspondent for the Independent
Ronald O'Rourke, Naval Issues Analyst for the LOC's Congressional Research Service
Simon Henderson, Director of Gulf and Energy Policy Program at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Stephen Kinzer, journalist and author (@stephenkinzer)
Mansour Farhang, Professor of Political Science at Bennington College

Reporter's Notebook Avatars of French Presidential Candidates Campaign 6 MIN, 23 SEC

In France, a hotly contested presidential campaign will wind up on April 11.  In the meantime, the candidates are battling it out in the three-dimensional Internet fantasy world Second Life. This parallel universe allows players to construct alter-egos in cartoon form. In France, politicians have discovered what businesses already know: if they build a virtual headquarters in cyberspace, real people will come.  That's according to Molly Moore, Paris Bureau Chief with the Washington Post.

Molly Moore, Paris Bureau Chief for the Washington Post

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