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A former Bush White House aide for faith-based initiatives says conservative Christians are being used for political reasons. We hear from him and get reactions from evangelical leaders. Are they surprised?  Are they using politicians just as much as politicians are using them? Also, in the aftermath of North Korea’s first nuclear test, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice vows that the US will protect Japan, and Tony Blair says veils are a sign of separation from mainstream British society.

Making News Secretary Rice in Japan to Discuss Response to North Korea 6 MIN, 16 SEC

North Korea's atomic test has raised the possibility of a nuclear arms race in Asia. In Tokyo today, on the first stop of a hastily planned trip to the region, Secretary of State Rice said the US will use the "full range" of its military might if necessary to defend Japan.

Nicholas Szechenyi, Center for Strategic and International Studies (@CSIS)

Main Topic Evangelicals and the Realities of Political Partisanship 33 MIN, 34 SEC

Former White House aide David Kuo says President Bush is a man of genuine faith, but he's more concerned with appearances than realities and he's promised conservative Christians much more than he's delivered. His advisors are using evangelicals for political purposes, but behind the scenes Christian leaders are tolerated rather than welcomed.  Veteran Texas reporter Wayne Slater says he heard the President himself call conservative Christians "whackos."  Those revelations come as Republicans are struggling to get their voters out to the polls. So, what's the real message to the religious right? Are they surprised that politics is a cynical game?  Who's using whom?  We hear from Kuo and Christian evangelicals.

David Kuo, Former Deputy Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
Richard Cizik, New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good
Wayne Slater, journalist and author (@WayneSlater)
Rick Scarborough, Founder of Vision America
David Domke, Associate Professor of Communication, University of Washington

Reporter's Notebook UK's Blair Says Veils Keep Muslims from Fully Integrating 9 MIN, 27 SEC

France has outlawed Islamic head scarves and other forms of religious dress on the grounds that they divide people against one another. To weeks ago, former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Muslim women should remove their veils when they enter his office in the House of Commons. Yesterday, Britain's Tony Blair joined the heated controversy calling veils a "mark of separation" that make people from other backgrounds feel uncomfortable.

Mary Dejevsky, The Independent (@marydejevsky)

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