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A new film about the founder of Facebook and the suicide of a student whose sexual orientation was revealed online have focused attention of Social Networking.  We talk about what it is and how it’s changing the real world as well as the virtual world.  Also, the Times Square Bomber sentenced to life in prison, and right wing commentator Glenn Beck has a large audience and he makes big money.  His latest biographer insists that he’s a dangerous influence.

Banner image: Mark Zuckerberg speaks during a press conference at the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California on May 26, 2010. Photo:  Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

The Social Network

David Fincher

Making News Times Square Bomber Sentenced to Life in Prison 6 MIN

Faisal Shahzad pleaded guilty to charges of trying to blow up an SUV in New York’s Times Square in May of this year.  Today, he was sentenced to life in prison. Michael Wilson was in the courtroom for the New York Times.

Michael Wilson, Reporter, New York Times

Main Topic Facebook: The Social and the Anti-Social Network 37 MIN, 6 SEC

Hollywood has paid the ultimate compliment to Mark Zuckerberg by making The Social Network, a film about him and the phenomenon of Facebook. We'll let audiences draw their own conclusions about the movie. What matters is what it symbolizes. Zuckerberg's "friends" now number a half billion, the major example to date of social networking on the Internet. What is "social networking?"  Does it enhance and encourage the same kinds of human connections we find in real life, or does it do something else? Is it changing the way people think about themselves and their relations with others?  What does it mean for the news media and commercial marketing? Are new protections required because of the anonymity provided for sociopaths or for casual users who don't know the power of social networking?

Fred Vogelstein, Contributing Editor, Wired magazine
Judith Donath, Harvard University (@judithd)
Walker Smith, Executive Chairman, Futures Company
Michael Kaiser, Executive Director, National Cyber Security Alliance

Reporter's Notebook History According to Glenn Beck 6 MIN, 2 SEC

tp101005beck_book.jpgGlenn Beck has built a big audience on radio and on Fox TV, and Forbes magazine says he makes $32 million a year. A new book quotes his own words as evidence that he’s a great showman and also a dangerous influence. The publisher’s claim is that Tears of a Clown is a “fair and balanced” look at the Fox news host. The author is Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank.

Dana Milbank, Washington Post (@Milbank)

Tears of a Clown

Dana Milbank

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