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Human rights and currency manipulation were on the back burner for Hillary Clinton’s visit to China. The Secretary of State emphasized economics and global warming.  We ask how the substance and her style of diplomacy will go down in Beijing and in Washington.  Also, President Obama discusses the stimulus package with the governors, and Slumdog Millionaire, a film about India that no Indian could have directed.

Banner image: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in Beijing. Photo: Oliver Weiken-Pool/Getty Images

Making News Obama Discusses Stimulus Money with the Governors 6 MIN, 5 SEC

President Obama told the nation's governors today that $15 billion in stimulus money will reach the states on Wednesday to help with Medicaid payments to the poor. Some Republican Governors are saying they won't accept another part of the package, expansion of unemployment benefits for part-time workers and others who have not been eligible before. Philip Rucker is national political reporter for the Washington Post.

Philip Rucker, Washington Post (@PhilipRucker)

The Next American Century

Nina Hachigian and Mona Sutphen

Main Topic Secretary of State Clinton Makes Her First Trip to China 35 MIN, 36 SEC

Hillary Clinton's first trip as Secretary of State took her to China, where the government is comfortable with Republicans. Instead of making demands about human rights and currency manipulation, she urged Beijing to continue buying American bonds. Worries about the world economy shared the agenda with global warming, energy and national security, including North Korea's nuclear weapons. Clinton told the Chinese, “We are truly going to rise and fall together.” We get several assessments of her visit and what lies ahead.

Barbara Demick, Author, "Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea" (@BarbaraDemick)
Minxin Pei, Adjunct Senior Associate of the China Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Nina Hachigian, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress
Sharon Hom, Human Rights in China
Mike Chinoy, USC US-China Institute (@mikechinoy)

Reporter's Notebook 'Slumdog Millionaire' Wins Big at Oscars 7 MIN, 19 SEC

Traffic in Hollywood was stalled during this morning's rush hour as the sets were being deconstructed at the Kodak Theater. The Nielson ratings for last night's Oscars were 6% better than last year's. But the big news for Hollywood could be the arrival of Bollywood. Slumdog Millionaire scored eight Oscars last night, including Best Picture and Best Director, as well as Best Score and Best Song for composer A.R. Rahman. Management consultant and entertainment commentator Gunjan Bagla calls it a great acknowledgement of Indian culture.

Gunjan Bagla, Managing Director, Amritt

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