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The rapid melting of Arctic ice has triggered political and economic competition among the world's great powers. Even China is getting into the act. Is the US holding its own? Can a remote and massive part of the world be preserved as well as developed? Also, the UN General Assembly and President Obama's "Political Potholes." On Reporter's Notebook, a Mormon blogger may be excommunicated for questioning Mormon teachings, but not for criticizing Mitt Rommey.

Banner image: A local fisherman sets out in his boat, weaving his way through the sea ice in Greenland. Photo by banyanman/flickr

Making News The UN General Assembly and Obama's 'Political Potholes' 7 MIN, 37 SEC

President Obama's appearance at this week's annual meeting of the UN General Assembly may set a record for brevity. After a quick chat with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and his own address, he'll be leaving. Tony Karon of Time magazine says there are more pitfalls than prospects for the leader of the free world.

Tony Karon, Time magazine (@TonyKaron)

Main Topic Developing the Last Frontier without Destroying It 35 MIN, 57 SEC

With Arctic ice melting at a record pace and faster than scientists ever expected, outposts once thought of as barren wastelands are becoming new arenas for superpower competition for oil, gas, and minerals needed for high technology. Northern shipping lanes will be cutting traffic through the Panama Canal, and there's concern that the US is falling behind. But the Arctic will still be one of the most delicate, unpredictable regions on Earth, vulnerable to minor mistakes that can turn into major catastrophes. Can efforts at preservation keep up with development?  We get a progress report.

Elisabeth Rosenthal, New York Times (@nytrosenthal)
Jens B. Frederiksen, Government of Greenland
Alice Rogoff, Alaska Dispatch (@alicerogoff)
Jon Hoekstra, World Wildlife Fund (@jon_hoekstra)

Reporter's Notebook Mormonism Crosses Path with Presidential Race Again 7 MIN, 26 SEC

The Daily Beast has reported that a controversial Mormon blogger who has criticized Mitt Romney might be excommunicated. David Twede, who writes about the Mormon Church, has been summoned to the disciplinary council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Orlando, Florida this weekend. But it's his writing questioning the teachings of the Church that has him in hot water, not his criticism of the GOP candidate. That's according to journalist and life-long Mormon Ron Scott, who himself has written critically of Romney.

Ron Scott, journalist and author (@BooInBoston)

Mitt Romney

Ronald B. Scott

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