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The Grand Old Party is going through a bit of an identity crisis, trying to position itself for the years ahead. Should the GOP lean to the center? Lean to the right? There's certainly a lot of fighting going on, especially for a party which holds Unity as a cherished party value. Guest host Sara Terry asks whether whether Republicans are heading for a split. Also, with consumer confidence up, could we have finally bottomed out? On Reporter's Notebook, with two big playoff games coming up on Sunday, we check out the hoops with the NBA.

Making News With Consumer Confidence Up, Have We Finally Bottomed Out? 7 MIN, 46 SEC

American consumer confidence rose this month to its highest level since before the credit markets’ crash late last year. A Reuters-University of Michigan index of consumer sentiment shows signs of hope among consumers, amid other reports that the recession may have reached its end. Consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow is a professor at Golden Gate University in San Francisco and author of the forthcoming book, Gen BuY.

Kit Yarrow, Golden Gate University (@genbuy)

Gen BuY

Kit Yarro and Jayne O'Donnell

Main Topic A New Elephant in the Room? 35 MIN, 22 SEC

Out of favor and out of power, the Republican Party is undertaking an historic self-examination. Former Vice President Dick Cheney made the battle lines crystal clear this week when he said Rush Limbaugh was a better spokesman for Republicans than Colin Powell. It was a one-line summary of the Grand Old Party's current debate over what it stands for, where it's going and who it wants to include. What's at stake for the GOP? Has the party gone too far right or not far enough? Who speaks for Republicans, and who's defining party values? How can the GOP leave the Bush years behind when Cheney keeps stirring things up? What message does the party need to craft to win back young people and minorities?

Steve Kornacki, Salon.com (@SteveKornacki)
Dan Schnur, USC Unruh Institute of Politics / Dornsife LA Times Poll (@danschnur)
Ann Stone, Trump campaign / Republicans for Choice (@aews)
David Winston, Winston Group (@dhwinston)

One Party Country

Tom Hamburger and Peter Wallsten

Reporter's Notebook NBA Playoffs Defying Expectations 7 MIN, 50 SEC

What was supposed to be a slam dunk from the start has turned into a day of reckoning for the NBA Championship. The Los Angeles Lakers, who were supposed to coast through to the finals, are at 3-3 with the Houston Rockets. Last year’s champs, the Boston Celtics, who’ve played more cliffhanger games in this series than most teams play in a season, are battling it out with the Orlando Magic, also a 3-3 tie. Marc Spears, who covers the National Basketball Association for the Boston Globe, says Sunday's a day for basketball fans to be glued to the TV.

Marc Spears, Staff Writer, Boston Globe


Sara Terry

Katie Cooper
Rebecca Mooney

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