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Both military and civilian courts are challenging President Bush's authority over suspects in the war on terror. As the legal wrangling continues, what does it mean for Guantánamo Bay and so-called "enhanced" interrogation techniques? Also, President Bush lobbies Republicans on immigration reform and, on Reporter's Notebook, the latest polls on the presidential primary races. The big news is support for undeclared candidates.

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Making News President Bush's Last Push on Immigration Bill 6 MIN, 1 SEC

President Bush made a rare visit to Capitol Hill today to lobby Republican support for immigration reform.  Before the meeting, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama rebuffed the President's effort, saying, "He needs help us write a better bill and not back a bill that so many of us cannot support."  Michael Abramowitz is White House correspondent for the Washington Post.

Michael Abramowitz, Staff Writer, Washington Post

Main Topic Guantanamo: The War on Terror and the Rule of Law 36 MIN, 50 SEC

President Bushs claims of executive power over terrorist suspects have run into more trouble in both civilian and military courts. Last week, two military judges ruled that a Presidential order is not enough to give them jurisdiction over the prisoners held atGuantánamo Bay. Yesterday, a federal appellate court said the President cannot hold a civilian suspect without charge by calling him an "enemy combatant."  Judge Diana Gribbon Motz said that would have "disastrous consequences for the Constitution -- and the country." Colin Powell wants to close Guantánamo, "not tomorrow but this afternoon." Whats the point of keeping it open? Are the White House and the Pentagon trying to protect interrogation techniques that may be counter-productive?

Josh Meyer, Politico (@JoshMeyerDC)
Scott Silliman, Director of the Center for Law, Ethics and National Security at Duke University
Jennifer Daskal, Georgetown Law Center (@jendaskal)
Andrew McCarthy, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies
Steven Kleinman, Senior advisor to the Intelligence Science Board's study on educing information

Reporter's Notebook Fred Thompson Gaining on Giuliani in GOP Race 5 MIN, 54 SEC

A poll out today from the Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg shows Hillary Clinton retaining her solid lead over Barack Obama--33% to 22% of Democratic voters, with Al Gore third at 15% and John Edwards trailing with 8%.  On the Republican side, both that poll and a survey by Rasmussen Reports have some bad news for Rudy Giuliani because of another undeclared candidate. Mike Allen is chief political reporter for The Politico, a web site that covers Washington politics.

Mike Allen, Chief Political Correspondent for the Politico

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