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Pharmaceutical start-ups are increasingly using drug patent loopholes to jack up prices on old drugs. It's just one example of the wild west of drug pricing. Unlike Europe and Canada, the US doesn't negotiate the price of drugs or provide caps. Guest host Barbara Bogaev asks whether costs are out of control, and explores what should be done about it.

Later on the program, a look at how the Islamic State justifies its treatment of female war captives ­­ ISIS and the theology of sex slavery.

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The Tamir Rice Case: Why Is It So Hard to Prosecute Cops? 6 MIN, 30 SEC

Yesterday's decision by a Cleveland grand jury not to bring charges in the death of 12-­year-­old Tamir Rice has drawn attention to the high hurdles to pursuing criminal charges when police kill a suspect ­­ even a child. Activists and Rice's family are weighing their options. Wesley Lowery is the national reporter for the Washington Post.

Wesley Lowery, Washington Post (@WesleyLowery)

Washington Post study on police shootings

America's Wild West of Drug Pricing 34 MIN, 56 SEC

Earlier this year, when pharma exec Martin Shkreli bought the rights to an old drug and then raised its price 5000%, Americans named him the most hated man in the country. But he is only doing what Big Pharma does everyday thanks to patent laws and America's free market approach to drug pricing. Rising costs are outraging patients, doctors and health insurers all along the political spectrum, but with all the money Big Pharma spends on lobbying, will Washington take up drug pricing reform?

Sabrina Tavernise, New York Times (@stavernise)
John Rother, National Coalition on Health Care (@NC_HC)
Paul Howard, Manhattan Institute (@PaulHowardMI)
Wendell Potter, author and former health insurance executive (@wendellpotter)

Orphan Drug Act
Consumers Union study on high drug prices
Sabrina Tavernise on growing tension over rising price of drugs
NY Times editorial against high drug prices
National Coalition on Health Car on curbing prescription drug costs
Howard on the answer to high drug prices

Nation on the Take

Wendell Potter

Islamic State Ruling Justifies the Sexual Slavery of Women 8 MIN, 25 SEC

We've heard about the capture and enslavement of women and girls by the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, particularly with Yazidi women who have been able to escape and tell horrific stories of sexual violence they endured. Now a huge trove of documents captured by US Special Operations Forces is yielding insights into how the Islamic State applies its theology to regulate such sensitive issues as the abuse of women captives of war. Reuters New Agency has been sifting through these records, and today ran an exclusive on the ISIS fatwa or ruling on sex slavery. Jonathan Landay is the national security correspondent for Reuters.

Photo: Voice of America

Jonathan Landay, Reuters (@JonathanLanday)

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