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Barack Obama broke barriers and made history earlier this week when he won enough delegates to earn his party's nomination for president. What does the rest of the world think about his achievement? Will his nomination change America's image abroad? What does his victory means to Muslim nations? Is israel worried that he might not be a staunch ally? Would a President Obama have an impact on Europe, where many nations are struggling with how to deal with immigrant populations? Do Africans hope that a black president will focus more energies and aid on their continent? Also, Hillary Clinton plans her exit strategy, and the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and four alleged co-conspirators will be arraigned at Guantánamo today. The Pentagon makes comparisons to the Nazi Nuremberg trials. Critics say no way. Sara Terry guest hosts.

Main Topic How Does Obama's Victory Look to the Rest of the World? 39 MIN, 38 SEC

Barack Obama's historic win has been cause for celebration among many Americans, including African Americans who thought they might never see the day a black man would come so close to the White House. Obama's grandmother was watching from Kenya, and so was the rest of the world. What does his historic primary victory mean to people outside of the United States? Is his primary victory causing America's friends and foes to see the country in a new light? Would a President Obama worry old allies or help create new ones? Who's rooting for John McCain?

Patrice de Beer, former Washington Correspondent, Le Monde
Fawaz Gerges, London School of Economics and Politics
Shmuel Sandler, Professor of Political Science, Bar-Ilan University
Rob Crilly, Reporter, Christian Science Monitor and Times of London
Viktor Kremenyuk, Institute of the USA and Canada
Francisco Chamorro, Publisher, El Nuevo Diario

Reporter's Notebook Guantanamo Hearing Begins for 9/11 Suspects 7 MIN, 27 SEC

In a military courtroom in Guantánamo today, the confessed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks told a judge that he wants to fire his legal team, due to religious reasons. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four alleged co-conspirators were arraigned today in preparation for a trial scheduled for later this year. It was the first time he has been seen in public since his detention five years ago. Vincent Warren is executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Vincent Warren, Executive Director, Center for Constitutional Rights

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