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Negotiators in Vienna have postponed today's deadline for reaching a deal with Iran until next Tuesday…as each side is beginning to blame the other in case of failure. If there's no agreement on limiting nuclear technology, will economic sanctions be lifted anyway?

Also, Greece defaults on its IMF loan payments. On today's Talking Point, Apple has started streaming music today. Will 100 million iPhone users pay for what they get free on Spotify and other services? Will Apple Music help recording artists or hurt them? 

Photo: US Secretary of State Kerry, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif and respective teams sit together amid Iranian nuclear program negotiations in Austria on June 30, 2015. (US State Department)

Greece Defaults on IMF Loan Payments 6 MIN, 30 SEC

Greece today became the first developed country to default on a payment to the International Monetary Fund. It owes $1.7 billion it does not have. There's growing concern about the fate of the Euro and the European Union. Marcus Bensasson, who reports from Athens for Bloomberg News, has an update.

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Marcus Bensasson, Bloomberg News (@mbensass)

European Parliament President Martin Schulz on EU proposals to Greece

In Talks with Iran, It's Another Day, Another Delay 34 MIN, 23 SEC

In Vienna today, negotiators in the Iran nuclear talks have extended their deadline until next Tuesday as they struggle toward a permanent solution. At the same time, the European Union has extended its suspension of economic sanctions for another week. The pressure is growing and, although the Ayatollah Khamenei insists he doesn’t need a deal, Iranians are tired of painful economic sanctions. President Obama sees a "historic opportunity" to limit proliferation, at the same time saying, "No deal is better than a bad deal." Each side has accused the other of backing down on prior agreements. We hear about the potential benefits of success and the consequences of failure.

Thomas Erdbrink, New York Times (@ThomasErdbrink)
Dennis Ross, Washington Institute for Near East Policy (@washinstitute)
Emad Kiyaei, American Iranian Council (@ekiyaei)
Dalia Dassa Kaye, RAND Corporation (@dassakaye)

Lausanne agreement
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran
Senator Corker's hearing on key components of potential final Iran nuclear agreement
Bipartisan public statement on US Policy toward the Iran nuclear negotiations
American Iranian Council on nuclear talks
Kaye on why the Iran nuclear deal won't change US regional politics

Is Apple Music Good or Bad for Recording Artists? 8 MIN, 55 SEC

Apple is getting into the popular music-streaming business today -- but Spotify, Google Play, Pandora and even public radio stations are already there. Although several musicians have been skeptical of the digital-music market, like Taylor Swift they're allowing Apple to stream its songs — with the potential for reaching 100 million people with iPhones. Can the company that invented iTunes persuade a generation of music listeners to actually pay? Casey Rae is CEO of the Future of Music Coalition, a nonprofit advocating for artists. He's also an adjunct professor of technology and culture at Georgetown University.

Casey Rae, Future of Music Coalition (@future_of_music )


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