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Petraeus and Crocker are telling Congress to stay the course, but the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army says Iraq and Afghanistan are degrading US readiness for other contingencies with "significant risk to the all-volunteer force." What will the next President be faced with? How do the candidates propose to cope with Iraq and other challenges in the long term? Also, American Airlines cancels nearly half its entire schedule, and the Olympic Torch is in San Francisco today. Will the International Olympic Committee curtail the rest of its route or criticize China?

Protestors march across the Golden Gate Bridge on April 9, 2008 in San Francisco. The march protested China's policies towards Burma in advance of the Olympic Torch Relay in San Francisco. The group was escorted by California Highway Patrol Officers. Photo: Max Whittaker/Getty Images

Making News American Airlines Grounds More than 1000 Flights 6 MIN, 5 SEC

american_airlines.jpgAmerican Airlines cancelled 460 flights yesterday. Today it's cancelled more than 1000, almost half its entire schedule. More than 100,000 travelers could be scrambling as re-inspections continue on the wiring of MD-80 jetliners. Kevin Mitchell chairs the Business Travel Coalition, an advocacy group for companies that travel by air.

Kevin Mitchell, Chairman, Business Travel Coalition

Main Topic What Kind of Iraq Will the Next President Inherit? 33 MIN, 56 SEC

General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker have moved to the House side of Capitol Hill today with the same message they had for the Senate: After the surge is over, stop withdrawing troops for 45 days, and then assess what's needed; progress has been made in Iraq, but it's "fragile and reversible," and it could be jeopardized by "withdrawing too many forces too quickly." That sounded right to John McCain, but Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have different ideas. We get contrasting views on what the next president will be faced with -- like it or not. Can US objectives be met, or is it "all over?" Is the military stretched too thin to meet other contingencies? What do the candidates have to say?

Josh Rogin, Bloomberg View (@joshrogin)
Barry McCaffrey, Former Commander, US Southern Command
Nile Gardiner, former Advisor to Rudy Giuliani
Lawrence Korb, Center for American Progress Action Fund (@LarryKorb)
Ron Brownstein, Atlantic / CNN (@RonBrownstein)
Tad Devine, Democratic Strategist, Devine Mulvey
Dan Schnur, USC Unruh Institute of Politics / Dornsife LA Times Poll (@danschnur)

Reporter's Notebook Olympic Torch Politics: San Francisco Today, Buenos Aires on Deck 9 MIN, 14 SEC

sf_torch.jpgSan Francisco police, sheriff's deputies, agents from the Department of State and the FBI are all gearing up for today's Olympic Torch Relay on San Francisco's Embarcadero. Meantime, the International Olympic Committee may curtail visits to other cities and it's backed away from a statement urging China to settle its conflicts with Tibet.  When the torch was carried through crowds of protesters in London and Paris, guards included a Chinese paramilitary force. Philip Hersh is covering the Olympics for the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

Philip Hersh, Olympics Reporter, Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times

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