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Religious and secular Egypt are two different worlds, each with its own media providing a different narrative of what's happened and what's to come.  What are the prospects for violence or stability? Also, President Obama's FBI nominee faces questions on waterboarding and NSA surveillance. On Today's Talking Point, a summer camp for grown-ups that's digital free.

Banner image: Clerics supporting deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi attend a rally at the Raba El-Adwyia square where Morsi's supporters are camping in Cairo July 8, 2013.  Photo: Khaled Abdullah/Reuters

Making News FBI Nominee Faces Questions on Waterboardimg, NSA Surveillance 7 MIN, 50 SEC

President Obama has chosen James Comey to replace Bob Mueller as the next Director of the FBI. Today, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee asked him about his record on waterboarding when he was Deputy Attorney General during the Bush Administration. Aamer Madhani is White House correspondent for USA Today.

Aamer Madhani, USA Today (@AamerISmad)

Main Topic In Egypt, the Crisis Continues 34 MIN, 50 SEC

Egypt's interim President hasn't spoken in public since he was installed by the military after it deposed the first elected leader in the Arab world, Former Judge Adli Mansour has proposed a time-table leading to future elections and named some cabinet members. Egypt is divided between religious and secular forces, each of which is divided within, while an uneasy coalition tries to establish credibility and restore order. Will outraged supporters of ousted President Morsi allow another election? Will there be more blood in the streets? Is the Obama Administration protecting America's vital interests? We hear about a dangerous moment for Egypt, democracy and stability in the region.

David Kenner, Foreign Policy magazine (@davidkenner)
Mona Eltahawy, syndicated columnist (@monaeltahawy )
Robin Wright, US Institute of Peace / Woodrow Wilson Center (@wrightr)
Khaled Elgindy, Brookings Institution (@elgindy_)

Rock the Casbah

Robin Wright

Today's Talking Point Summer Camp for Adults Who Pay to Ditch Devices 8 MIN, 30 SEC

"Getting away from it all" has new meaning in the digital age: escaping the cell phone, tablet, Internet, even the watch and certainly the TV. It can be done at a place like Camp Grounded, a former Boy Scout Camp north of San Francisco that's has been transformed into a summer camp for adults by an organization called Digital Detox. Matt Haber wrote about what he calls the "soothingly regressive activities" there for Sunday Styles in last weekend's New York Times.

Matt Haber, freelance writer

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