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The losses of Kobani in Syria and Tikrit in Iraq are being taken as evidence that the so-called Islamic State is in trouble. Its revenue is reportedly drying up, and untrained recruits are replacing experienced soldiers. But ISIS still spreading terror.

Also, is nuclear storage back on the table for Yucca Mountain? On today's Talking Point, "conversion therapy" has been discredited, but it's still legal in 48 states.

Photo: Iraq's Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi (R) visits camp Habbaniyah in the eastern city of Ramadi April 8, 2015. Photo: Stringer/Reuters

Is Nuclear Storage Back on the Table for Yucca Mountain? 6 MIN, 14 SEC

Nevada Senator Harry Reid has been the major force preventing Yucca Mountain in his home state from being developed as the repository for America's many tons of nuclear waste. Now Reid says he won't run for re-election next year. Today, a delegation of congress members toured the site. Amber Phillips is Washington correspondent for the Las Vegas Sun.

Amber Phillips, Washington Post (@byamberphillips)

Rep. John Shimkus on Yucca Mountain
Phillips on partisan divide over Yucca Mountain, storage of nuclear waste

ISIS: Is the Caliphate Cracking? 33 MIN, 5 SEC

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi is due at the White House on Tuesday, and it's all about the war against ISIS, the so-called Islamic State. Last year, ISIS looked like the world's most dangerous terrorist group — intent on restoring the Caliphate that once ruled all Muslims. Unique for extreme brutality and brilliant Internet propaganda, ISIS forced the US and Iran into an unlikely coalition against it. Now, ISIS is losing captured territory, its sources of money and even competent soldiers. There are signs of internal dissention. But even if it's in partial retreat, it's a likely threat in the Middle East — and to western interests — for years to come.

Rod Nordland, New York Times (@rodnordland)
Christopher Gunness, United Nations Relief and Works Agency (@ChrisGunness)
Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, Middle East Forum (@ajaltamimi)
Wayne White, Middle East Policy Council (@middleeastinst)
Maha Yahya, Carnegie Middle East Center (@CarnegieMEC)

Nordland on ISIS' need for new template after victory in Tikrit
The National on implications of ISIL's (ISIS) Yarmouk offensive
CNN on why Yarmouk's takeover by ISIS is good news for Syria's al-Assad
Los Angeles Times on ISIS release of 200 abducted Yazidis in northern Iraq
UNRWA urgently calls for safety and protection of civilians in Yarmouk
Al-Tamimi on the true cost of America’s anti-ISIS strategy
White on how not to retake Mosul

Obama Calls for an End to Gay Conversion Therapies 10 MIN, 11 SEC

A petition calling for an end to so-called "conversion therapy" was signed by 120,000 people and sent to the White House. It was sparked by the suicide of Leelah Alcorn, a 17-year old transgender person. White House advisor Valerie Jarrett wrote in response, "We share your concern about the potentially devastating effects on the lives of transgender as well as gay, lesbian, bisexual and queer youth." Yesterday, the President responded with a pledge to ban the practice for young people. Sam Ames is staff attorney and BornPerfect campaign coordinator at the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Photo: Steve Eason

Sam Ames, National Center for Lesbian Rights (@SamanthaSAmes)

Southern Poverty Law Center lawsuit against Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH)

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