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In Mexico last year, a video showing a young woman being tortured by female military police went viral, forcing a public apology from the government. But torture and killing have become almost routine since the armed forces replaced police in the war against drug cartels. 

Later on the program, media coverage of a candidate who’s declared war on the media. 

Photo: The massacre at Tlatlaya

Trump University Court Documents Go Public 6 MIN, 29 SEC

Federal judge Gonzalo Curiel has released documents in the class action suit against Trump University.  Yesterday, anticipating today’s action, Donald Trump offered his usual mixed message, "I have a judge who is a hater of Donald Trump, a hater. He's a hater. His name is Gonzalo Curiel. The judge, who happens to be we believe Mexican, which is great. I think that's fine." Tom Hamburger reports on politics for the Washington Post, which first asked for the documents released today.

Tom Hamburger, Washington Post (@thamburger)

Is Mexico's Military Out of Control? 32 MIN, 34 SEC

Mexico's drug cartels are so powerful that local and national police -- notorious for corruption -- have been replaced by Marines and soldiers. In the name of restoring law and order, they're doing what they've been trained to do, and killing has become more common than arrest and prosecution. Civilians are among the victims; the UN and human rights groups have expressed alarm, but two successive presidents claim there's no alternative to the armed forces. We hear about a growing constitutional crisis -- financed in part by American military assistance.

Azam Ahmed, New York Times (@azamsahmed)
Ricardo Pascoe, Workers Revolutionary Party (PRD) (@rpascoep)
Ana María Salazar Slack, Grupo Salazar (@AMSalazar)
Daniel Wilkinson, Human Rights Watch (@DWilkinsonNYC)

Ahmed on Mexican military's high kill rate, human rights fears
Human Rights Watch on Mexico's response to torture video

Silence on the Mountain

Daniel Wilkinson

Covering a Candidate Who's Declared War on the Press 10 MIN, 31 SEC

Despite the hours of free media that fueled his candidacy, Donald Trump is attacking the media – which then gave him even more time.

Neil King/Twitter

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann are co-hosts of The Circus,a series on Showtime that will be back on the air in July in the heat of the campaign. The pair, who are also the authors of Game Change and co-managing editors at Bloomberg Politics, discuss this unprecedented challenge to political journalism.

Mark Halperin, Bloomberg Politics / Showtime's 'The Circus' (@markhalperin)
John Heilemann, Bloomberg Politics / Showtime's 'The Circus' (@jheil)

Game Change

John Heinemann

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