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One billion adults are overweight worldwide and obesity is a major public health threat in the United States, especially to children. We hear about a growing problem, what's being done to deal with it now and what might be required in the future. Also, the healthcare bill gains new momentum, and Hillary Clinton's in Moscow negotiating reductions in nuclear weapons. She and George Mitchell also want Russian support for sanctions against Iran. We get a progress report.

Banner image: Seventeen year-old Marissa Hamilton (C) laughs with Elizabeth Fedorchalk (R) and Makayla Smith (L) in the girls' dorm at Wellspring Academy in Reedley, California, a special school that helps teens and college-level students lose weight along with academic courses. Photo; Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Making News Healthcare Bill's New Momentum with Deficit Reduction Forecast 7 MIN, 35 SEC

With a House vote on healthcare reform planned for this Sunday, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office today assessed the cost at $940 billion over 10 years, an amount that would cut the deficit by $138 billion. Alex Wayne covers healthcare for Congressional Quarterly.

Alex Wayne, Bloomberg News (@aawayne)

Main Topic Is Obesity a Problem that's Too Big to Solve? 35 MIN, 28 SEC

The obesity epidemic is old news, but it's not getting better. One-third of young people are so overweight they're at risk of Type-2 Diabetes. Ten percent of infants and toddlers are dangerously heavy. First Lady Michelle Obama wants to end childhood obesity in a generation. She's joined the Surgeon General and Centers for Disease Control in the campaign against obesity. The food industry is under pressure to cut back on fat and calories.  The beverage industry says it's stopped delivering sugary drinks to schools. But public relations and voluntary guidelines won't end a crisis with roots in technology and transportation as well as agriculture. We hear about the dangers of America's "culture of corpulence" and what change will require.

Barry Popkin, Nutrition Epidemiologist, University of North Carolina's Interdisciplinary Obesity Center
Kevin Keane, Senior VP of Public Affairs, American Beverage Association
Claudia Kalb, Senior Writer, Newsweek
Nia-Malika Henderson, Washington Post
Sean Kershaw, Executive Director, Citizens' League

The World Is Fat

Barry Popkin

Reporter's Notebook US and Russia Near Agreement on New Arms Deal 7 MIN, 40 SEC

The US is estimated to have 2000 nuclear warheads; Russia has roughly 1000 more. Both have agreed to reduce the number to 1500 or so, but that doesn't mean that it's easy. Secretary of State Clinton is in Moscow for two days of talks on renewing the nuclear arms reduction treaty that expired in December. Middle East envoy George Mitchell is there, too. What about sanctions against Iran? Owen Matthews is Moscow Bureau Chief for Newsweek magazine.

Owen Matthews, Moscow Bureau Chief, Newsweek

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