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Recent events in Pakistan have increased alarm that a country with nuclear weapons is vulnerable to a Taliban-style Islamist revolution. We talk with Pakistanis and American experts. Also, Bush Administration officials may be tried for torture after all, breaking a post-White House tradition of silence, Dick Cheney won't keep his voice down.

Banner image: Activists of civil society torch an effigy of a Taliban during a protest in Karachi on April 6, 2009, against the public flogging of a veiled woman. Photo: Asif Hassan/AFP/Getty Images

Making News Will Bush Officials Be Investigated for Torture after All? 6 MIN, 11 SEC

President Obama said today that the US “lost our moral bearings” with brutal interrogations of terror suspects. He hinted that his administration might take legal action. The President also called on Congress to deal with the issue in a ”bi-partisan fashion.” Greg Miller is national security correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.

Greg Miller, Washington Post (@gregpmiller)

Main Topic Is Pakistan Ripe for an Islamic Revolution? 35 MIN, 49 SEC

In Pakistan's Swat Valley on Sunday, militant Islamist leader Sufi Mohammed bluntly defied the country's secular government and its system of laws. As to its democratic institutions, he said, "supporting an infidel system is a great sin," and he laid out a plan to bring "a complete Islamic system" to Pakistan. Such Taliban-style militants are assuming control in Pakistan's northwest provinces, openly promising to take over the rest of the country. Despite brutal enforcement of Islamic law, the secular government seems powerless against determined radicals exploiting poverty, class hatreds and decades of corruption. The US has vital interests in a region where both Pakistan and India have nuclear arms. We hear mounting concern about instability with international consequences. 

Samina Ahmed, South Asia Project Director, International Crisis Group
Khadim Hussain, Organizer, Aryana Institute for Regional Research and Advocacy
Marvin Weinbaum, Senior Scholar, Middle East Institute
Christine Fair, Georgetown University (@CChristineFair)

Reporter's Notebook Cheney Takes to the Airwaves (Again) to Criticize Obama 7 MIN, 10 SEC

George Bush is maintaining the tradition of silence for presidents and vice-presidents recently out of office. Not so Dick Cheney. The former Vice President is waging what one reporter called a “one-man assault on President Obama,” with condemnations of policies and personal behavior. Bart Gellman, Pulitzer Prize-winning national correspondent for the Washington Post, is author of Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency.

Barton Gellman, Washington Post (@bartongellman)

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