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Scientists now say climate change can’t be reversed for 1000 years, even if greenhouse gases are cut to pre-industrial levels. What does that mean for green technology?  Should the consumer economy be reduced instead of expanded?  Also, Governor Blagojevich makes the closing argument in his impeachment trial, and Mail service may be eliminated on Saturdays -- or maybe on Tuesdays. We find out why.

Banner image: Former Vice President Al Gore shows a slide show while speaking during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee on January 28. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Hot, Flat and Crowded

Thomas L. Friedman

Making News Blagojevich Makes Closing Argument in Impeachment Trial 5 MIN, 52 SEC

Rod Blagojevich boycotted his impeachment trial by the State Senate, but today the Illinois Governor appeared to deliver an impassioned closing statement. He said the only evidence brought against him consisted of four taped telephone conversations which did not prove he committed a crime. As to accusation that he abused his power by importing illegal drugs from Canada, he said the idea came from former Congressman Rahm Emanuel, now White House Chief of Staff, and that it was approved by other figures in Washington. Andrew Leipold is Professor of Law at the University of Illinois.

Andrew Leipold, Professor of Law, University of Illinois

Main Topic Is Climate Change Irreversible? 36 MIN, 4 SEC

Just as President Obama cracks down on climate change, scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research have issued discouraging new findings. This new “wake-up call” says that if carbon dioxide levels were cut back to pre-industrial levels, it would still take 1000 years to reverse the climate change that's already happened. Does that mean the effort is not worth the trouble, or that it's time to get serious before it's really too late? Can new, innovative technology make a difference? Is it contradictory to beef up production and consumer consumption at the same time greenhouse gases are being reduced? Is the real problem too many people?

Bill Patzert, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (@NASAJPL)
Earl Blumenauer, Congressman (D-OR) (@repblumenauer)
Robert Sirico, President and Co-founder, Acton Institute
Robert Hertzberg, California State Senate (@hertzieLA)

Reporter's Notebook Postal Delivery May Be Cut to Five Days 7 MIN, 5 SEC

Benjamin Franklin founded the US Postal Service, and it delivered seven days a week until 1912, when Christian groups forced it to close on Sundays. Now Postmaster General John Potter says it may have to drop another day of service. While neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night have been able to stop the USPS, economic conditions and changing American habits may. That's according to today's Washington Post in a story written by Dan Eggen.

Dan Eggen, Reporter, Washington Post

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