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Tracking consumers on the Internet and selling detailed profiles is a $400 million business expected to double this year. Advertisers have real-time access to whatever you're doing on-line. Will new privacy laws be needed to restore consumers' confidence? Is there any good news about this kind of intrusion? Also, a historic reading of the Constitution in the Congress, and another White House Chief of Staff who's a veteran of the Clinton Administration.

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Making News House Reading of Constitution for the First Time 7 MIN, 41 SEC

For the first time in history, the Constitution of the United States has been read aloud in the House of Representatives. After some discussion, Republicans agreed to make it bipartisan. The reading, which began with the new Speaker, Republican John Boehner, followed by Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, included introductions of each member of Congress who read passages but excluded some provisions, took about an hour and a half. Jennifer Steinhauer is congressional reporter for the New York Times.

Jennifer Steinhauer, New York Times (@jestei)

Main Topic Is There Such a Thing as Internet Privacy? 36 MIN, 6 SEC

Internet spying has become big business, "more pervasive and far more intrusive" than all but a few people know. That's from an extensive study by the Wall Street Journal, which reports that companies track users in real time so they can advertise instantly. They can learn all about you — not just your shopping interests, but your financial and medical conditions — even what you're telling your friends on social networks. Are there benefits for consumers?  What are the prospects for abuse?  Is there any way to opt out?  Would new government rules make a difference?

Scott Thurm, Wall Street Journal
Jules Polonetsky, Future of Privacy Forum (@JulesPolonetsky)
Adam Lehman, Lotame Solutions (@AdamL)
Justin Brookman, Center for Democracy and Technology (@JustinBrookman)

Reporter's Notebook Obama Taps William Daley for Chief of Staff 6 MIN, 53 SEC

President Obama has named his new Chief of Staff. William Daley, brother of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, served as Commerce Secretary for the last three years of the Clinton Administration. He's currently a senior executive with JP Morgan Chase. His appointment is part of what the White House calls an "overhaul" with two years to go until the next election. Shirley Anne Warshaw is Presidential Scholar at Gettysburg College and author The Co-Presidency of Bush and Cheney.


Shirley Anne Warshaw, Presidential Scholar, Gettysburg College

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